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Im driving frantically with a man in a suit I dont know in the passanget seat. Were on a two lane highway with light snow blowing across it. Its very cold outside. We turn left into a hotel/motel with lots of cars in the parking lot. It feels like the middle of the week, and its suprising theres so many people here. Much of my family is here, including grandparents that arent with us anymore. Therez a pool here, and a wide hallway leading to a parking garage. Flash forward to the next morning, very early. Still dark, and very cold. I walk into the parking garage and down the ramp to the entrance to smoke. Im looking out into the parking lot in front, and past it to the highway. Theres *****ody else out. No cars driving. Its cold, and lightly snowing. I see movement in between the cars, something tall popping up, then back down. I feel as though I made a noise and the thing to notice of me, and I heard a strange galloping. Its tall. Then its in full view heading for me. Its a horse. Well, half a horse, with no eyes or mouth. Its texture seems synthetic, like cloth, not organic, like flesh. It has two bony legs and another head exactly like the first one opposite of the one in the front thats uprite. I start to run back up the ramp to where the parking garage meets the hotel. As Im running I hear the hooves hitting closer, and closer. Im running as fast as I can and I look to my left and its right next to me. Both heads have flowing black hair. Notes: It all feels almost post- apocalyptic. Everyones there because theyre running from something. Maybe this horse/creature. People referred to it as "bill the horse"
2013-06-19 05:40:20


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