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Betrayal and disappointment
2013-08-17 08:04:17
2013-08-03 00:05:59
Hi, I had this dream that I strongly feel holds a message, but I cannot tell what it is. I suddenly found myself by the wayside, and there were two stands where snacks were being sold. One of the traders was young and his snacks looked clean and attractive (flower-based snacks, but I cannot tell what it was). The young man was waiting for me to approach him. The other trader, a very old, untidy person, selling dirty-looking snacks just lay down by his tray, sleeping. I cannot even remember if it was a man or woman. I turned down the young trader, and walked towards the old, sleeping trader's stand. I remember judging in the dream that the old trader's snacks would be better. Although the snacks looked uninviting, he's was better, since he looked older, his snacks would bring me long life as it had brought him. I dropped the money by his side while he lay asleep, and picked up the snack, and started crunching. I turned facing the opposite end of the road, and realized there were even more clean snacks, and familiar ones, whose types I could tell. But it was too late to change my mind, since I had already started eating. While I was eating, the young trader came over to me,and asked what I had done. When I explained that I had paid for the snack even though the man was asleep, he quickly alerted me that those were not snacks I was eating for food, but medicine, giving the impression that it would cause me harm. Stunned, i stopped eating, and the young man bent me over, and with his mouth, blew air by the side of my diaphragm, just by the side of my right lungs. It was as if the medicine had created a hole by my side, and he was asking me if I was feeling cold around the area, as he kept blowing. I quickly realized in my dream that the snack had actually hurt me. The old man remained asleep and did not know what was going on. And in the panic, I woke up. What could all these possibly mean? Thanks, waiting for your reply. Unimke Ugi
2013-07-24 10:12:53
2013-07-21 23:50:31


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