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It was the day before and I was getting ready for a dance recital. I was super excited and I was getting makeup and bringing pretty clothes and everything. The next morning, my mom took me to a cafe to get me cozy before the recital. We were in a big hurry then because we were going to be late and then when I got there, I was tardy but the dance hadn't started yet. I still had time so I was relieved. Then a fellow dancer of mine was welcoming me, and some of the girls were applying makeup in front of the mirror. I thought I should follow lead, but then I realized I had forgotten something major and had to go back. So I went back and I was in this secluded place with mountains near. It was like something from an ancient folktale with mountain tribes. Then, as I was about to go into a little private shop, a few people caught my eyes. They were, like, wearing gangster clothing and they had big beards and kind of looked like hippies. Except they weren't, because I knew they were gangsters. And as they began to stomp, slowly and rhythmically, through the surroundings, I felt a sense of impending doom, and I was waiting tensely. As I waited, they finally attacked and began to shoot people down. It passed quickly, and I didn't remember much of it. When the attack had finally passed, I felt like I had just woken up from a long dream. I knew I had been subject to a shooting, but it felt really surreal. And since so many people were dead, and there was a loudspeaker talking about how people had died in this recent shooting, I was confused. Did I survive? Or was I dead and just a ghost of my former self, pretending to be alive? Anyways, I was really incredulous because I had just survived this shooting and the news had just been here and they didn't even care about what had happened to me. Then I could go back to my school, but now I had missed the recital and my teacher would be angry at me. So I went back to school for a short while and didn't let anyone see me, and I saw all the other dancers and people congratulating them and I felt disappointed I hadn't attended. But I didn't tell my mom anything and we drove to the psychiatrist because we had an appointment that day. However, I didn't want to tell the psychiatrist what happened. I just hung around the hospital lobby for awhile and the doctor at the front was staring at me. I went to the psychiatrist's office for awhile, and we talked, and then I left. Then my classmates began filing into the same hospital I was in. An alarm went off and everyone was told to remain calm and go with their heads down and their arms covering their heads. The scenery kind of morphed into a school and I felt like we were waiting to be dismissed. So anyways, suddenly all my teachers and the students of my school were there. I was bending down with a bunch of boys near me. I think they were joking around. I saw my history teacher speaking to everyone and once, I caught the head of my psychiatrist. People were telling the kids to remain calm.
2015-11-30 01:54:37
My dream began with my father giving me money to purchase both cigarettes and pot. Why? I have no idea really. Anyway I was looking to buy cigarettes first and the first place I had gone to didn't carry them, so I rode my bike to the second place and purchased them. On my way back I took a path I don't usually take and found a phone on the ground, I soon realized this was my old phone that I had lost when something told me to attempt to put my old password in. However it looked different than the phone that I recall losing. Anyway after opening it I discovered a massive amount of *****ography on the phone.. Strange because I never looked that sort of thing up on my phone at all. Anyway later in the dream I was suppose to meet up with a friend of mine that I kept trying to get a hold of but for some reason couldn't, we were meeting up at the mall, well while at the mall I ended up in a book store and try to steal a book. As I'm leaving I run into a guy I used to like who approaches me by saying "hey wanna play a game?" Unsure what this was about, however still very attracted to the guy I agree to play and ask what game! He replies "we make out for sixty seconds, right here in front of everyone" so given that I still had a decent amount of attraction for the guy I agreed and began making out with him in public, not really caring who was watching, and completely forgetting I had somewhere to be.. Then after we stopped kissing, he told me round two was the same thing this time it invoked gum, so he began to chew a piece of gum he inserted into his mouth and pushed his lips against mine, passionately making out with me again, in public for everyone to see, this time passing the gum from his mouth to mine. When we stopped he just laid on top of me and told me that he had heard from my cousins that my friend I was suppose to meet up with was looking for me? I was confused as to how he knew that information but more nervous that I kept my friend waiting a long time and left the book store and ran through the mall looking for him, I woke up shortly after.
2015-09-27 17:41:51


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