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Ocean wave storm
2015-08-14 04:47:29
California was flooding, probably the entire U.S. The water kept rising higher, like waves, and we found all these flooded towns where people drowned. We were trapped on this hill and we didn't have a lot of time, my entire family was visiting. So we were together. My grandma and I were looking fir ways out when we found this family that had shot themselves, even the kids before the water could get there. The man had this card in his vest pocket that said This Is My Choice. I took the card to use if I decided to do the same. I knew we were going to die, and my Uncle had this gun. I didn't want to drown, it terrifed me, where's the only thing I was scared of shooting myself for was the water receding and me making the wrong choice. As I was debating, and my grandma told me it was my choice if I wanted to go through with it, that she wouldn't stop me, these hundreds of people came out of nowhere, walking towards us. To be honest we thought they were zombies, because what the hell thats our luck. So we started shooting. I took the gun and while i really didnt know how to shoot i did pretty well, and it was when they started dropping we knew they were human, because i was too unskilled to get a headshot. So we thought they were just trying to steal our home and supplies and remained on guard. Finally they convinced us they just wanted shelter until the end, and we let them stay on the worn out bus we had. I was there with them protecting the kids and still trying to decide rather to commit suicide or not, and that was like the tenth time i had put the barrel to my temple and put it down when these little girls ask me not to shoot myself. I laugh hysterically and say " do you have any idea how many of you i just slaughtered? And you're asking me to stay alive? Why?" And before they could answer i thought "Leigh Ann" and burst into tears. The girls asked what was wrong and I said that I was going to die here and never said goodbye to the person who Was always there for me, that i loved her like a sister and now she was probably dead. I kept trying to call you, because some. There were towers that were still working, so I tried to get signal, to warn you, hoping maybe you had a chance in Texas, tell you I loved youand thanks for everything, but i couldn't get through my phone rebelled, and just kept playing recordings of us talking, which made me cry harder, and The kids tried to comfort me while the gun fell beside me on the seat. Then i woke up.
2015-07-26 14:47:19


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