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I dreamed that I was in a private school. I saw Dr. Maya Angeloou and an old professor of mine which I could not stand. I told off my female profesor and Dr. Maya Angelou told me if told off the professor that I would be asked to leave the school. She then proceeded to ask me how I was going to pay for my room and board and for my tuition. She said that those things were not free and I was obligated to pay all of the money back. I told her that I could afford ten dollars a week and that if that did not suit her that she was welcome to sue me. I exited the doors of the school and then I was back at my brother's old highschool. As I exited the school, it was pitch black out and I could only see a man, dressed in dark clothing, with four huge mastiff dogs. They barked at me and I proceded to walk towards my home when the dogs charged at me. They stopped when the man told them to stop. I then saw a colleague wearing a raincoat and a hankerchief on her head. She was walking toward the park with her dad and the man went after her with one of his dogs. The dogs charged me again and began biting me but it didn't hurt and they couldn't grab onto my arms. I got into the car I was leaned up against and saw the man running towards me and hotwired the car. There was no key in the ignition. I locked the doors as he tried to open one of the car doors and I drove off. I drove up the street and then parked the car on the opposite side of oncoming traffic. I wiped the car down for finger prints and started running for my home. It was pouring rain. I just kept praying to God that my scent and my footprints would be washed away so that man and his dogs couldn't follow me. I got to my house and went to the side door and opened the lower lock but I didn't have a key for the deadbolt. So I ran to the front door and prayed that the light would go out and that the man and his dogs wouldn't see me. I opened the door and hid. I woke up then.
2013-08-22 00:35:52
Missing clothing at work
2013-08-19 22:10:47
new clothings
2013-07-19 17:50:54
2013-07-19 17:50:10


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