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We were driving in his Jeep. It was dark and we were talking. We were driving down the back roads and we saw a big beautiful house, the size of a mansion to the right. The Jeep started to make a strange noise and shut off. He pulled to the side and tried calling a tow service but we had no signals. We decided to walk to the to house. The driveway was very long and he kept telling me to stay close to him. We got to the door and rang the doorbell. A lady in her 40’s answered the door. Behind her were 3 young ladies in the late 20’s early 30’s. They wore 20’s ball gown dresses. Their hair was pulled back in fancy buns and wore white gloves. He asked if we could use the phone and the older lady said yes. We followed her as the 3 ladies walked behind us. He grabbed my hand and whispered to me to stay close. We went though a few hallways and ended up in this big room. I heard a thumping noise coming from upstairs. I asked him if he heard it and he said yes. She pointed to the phone and he tried to call out. I heard them thumping noise again. And I asked the ladies what that noise was. They said it was the house. The phone was not working so he told them we would be on our way. But the older lady insisted we stay a bit longer. There was something about the way she looked that made him grab me and pull me behind him. He told them again we were going to leave and walk to the next house. The 3 younger ladies started to act weird and creepy cornering us. He yelled for me to run but I did not want to leave him. He then screamed at me to run and get out. I ran and the older lady tried to grab me. I looked back and saw them attacking him. The older lady ran after me but I got lost running through all the hallways. I needed up in a wide hallways with many doors. I heard the thumping again. It was coming from one of the rooms. I ran to the room and opened the door. A girl was in chains and gagged. I ran to her and she was telling me we have to get out of here. I heard the older lady coming down the hall. I closed the door and tried to keep her out as long as I could. I heard the other 3 coming down the hall. They pushed open the door and I fell down. They grabbed me and when I saw there faces I screamed because they were frightening. They knocked me out. When I wake up, I am wearing a ball gown and one of the younger ladies is doing my hair and makeup. I keep asking were he is and she tells me he left me there to say himself. I tell her she is lying as tears roll down my face and my heart sinks. They put me on this stage with this other girl and we just walk around being video taped. Days go by and this is all we do. As we are walking past a room I see his shoes and tell me that those are his shoes. They yell at me and say that those are someone else’s shoes but I know they are his. I tell them he is here and he never left me. I wanted to know where they were hiding him. She just laughed and threw me in the room. I screamed I am going to find him. The other girl came a hugged me but looked at me with sad eyes. She told it was going to be ok. A younger woman came in the room later that night that I have never seen before. She told me that he was still here but he was dead. I called her a liar. She told me she would show me where he was. He took me to this room that was outside. There were cement slabs as the floor. She pointed to one and I went over there and removed the slab. There was a wide tube with this watery liquid. I put my arms in it and felt his head. I went down farther and got under his arms and pulled with all my strength. His eyes were closed and he was not breathing. I lunged at her began slamming her repeatedly on the ground. I wanted to kill her. The older lady came in a pushed me to the ground. I crawled back to him and tried to wake him up. I cried and cried begging him to wake up because we had to escape. I could here both ladies laughing at me. It got louder and louder. I held you and screamed. Then I woke up screaming and started crying.
2015-02-04 22:25:53
2015-01-22 18:15:13
I am standing in a field next to a forest. The field seems to extend forever in the distance, as does the forest. Farther away from me, there is a group of teenage boys and men. They look as puzzled as I in relation to where we are. Momentarily they stand in their group trying to comprehend their surroundings, and suddenly they scatter. Under attack from a monster, some fight and are killed, others run towards a shack that was previously not on the field. The monster chases them, but it is only a blur, and I cannot make it out. Reaching the shack, they open the metal doors and rush inside. Desperately trying to close the door while the monster tries to force itself inside, most people are pulled through the gap they are trying to close. All I can see of the monster are its claws, lion-like and sharp. They are trying to pry open the door, but they are closed eventually by the remaining teenager. He turns around, tired, and sees a little girl. Whether she was in the group before, I do not know. Perhaps she was already waiting in the shack? They introduce each other, and I think the boy’s name is Nick? The girl’s name is Jenny. Hours pass by in a flash forward, and I see them sleeping against the wall, Jenny huddled up next to Nick. She keeps it to herself that she and her sister were separated when they came to this bizarre world. She wants to find her sister, but is too scared to do it by herself. She looks up and I see her face. I see her black eyes. “Dear God,” she says, “please help me find her.” Then she closes her eyes. I never catch her sister’s name. “Jenny!” Her look-alike sister calls. “Jenny, where are you?” She is looking around, searching for her sister. There is a hole, a den of an animal, where she pauses after glancing at it. I am looking at her from inside the hole, as this is the monster’s den and I am the monster. I want to go finish off the last two intruders, but I refrain. I cannot kill them yet. Now one of the intruder’s relatives is right outside my home! I cannot kill them…but I can kill her. “Jenny?” She peers into the hole with an innocent curiosity. Then I attack. I pull her into the hole and bite her in the middle. She doesn’t make a sound as I drag her deeper into my hole, bleeding. Back in the shack, Jenny opens her eyes again. “Thank you, God.” She says, neither shocked nor scared that her sister had been dragged into the den and killed. It was almost a vision or dream she had witnessed, but from the monster’s point of view. Is she connected to the monster? The next morning (?), I see Nick and Jenny in the field. They are facing the sun which is coming up over the forest. Nick is pointing towards it. “They will come in from that way.” He says, looking down at Jenny. They seem to be predicting where an attack will come from, but I am not given a single hint as to whom is attacking. And everything is brighter; the sun is very orange and bright, unlike the dusk setting of Jenny’s vision. Still, the sun seems to make the place less lonely and foreboding, and as Nick continues to point towards the sun, I wake up.
2014-12-08 22:45:40


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