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I was on a treasure hunt, not the mystical fantasy kind, just and everyday one really. I was with a group of 17/18 year olds that I do not know, but I think I recognize. However, I defiantly know one of them though. She's this girl who's practically my big sister, and has always looked after me. I'm only 14, so I was the baby of the group, and was very much treated like that. It was day time, but dark and cloudy. I remember at one point I was in a big, dark, almost empty arcade that from the outside looked like a library. But all the games were for Xbox and i'm useless at Xbox games. There was this angry Chinese lady wearing a green kimono, who was forcing me to play these games, but for some reason I was absolutely terrified. I also remember at some point an old friend of mine passing in the background. However, this person was never a close friend, more of an acquaintance. Then I left the game arcade and everyone had left me. I know I vaguely recognize the place from real life somewhere, but not very well, so I was lost. I remember feeling terrified of being lost and alone. After that it started raining. I was so desperate to find a safe place that I just walked in a random direction hoping to find somewhere. I ended up in a park that now I think about it, is quite similar to a park near where I live (bushy park). I know something happened after that but I can't really remember. All I remember was at some point being in this grassy area with a few trees and seeing a gate that I needed to get to, because it had started raining VERY heavily. However there was a sort of swamp blocking my way, that was filling up with water, fast. There was a long trail of branches in the middle that I thought I could walk over to get to the gate. I'm still not sure why this gate was so important, but I know in the dream it was very very important for me to get to it. I think I remember walking across the logs the other way when I was entering the park and I did it fine. But this time was more difficult because of the rain and the rising water. I started to walk across it, but I didnt want to fall in in case my clothes got wetter than they already were, so I decided to scoot along on my butt and only get my legs wet. However, that didnt make any difference as the branches started sinking so when I got to the middle I was practically swimming. but I still carried on because I NEEDED to get to that gate. I finally got to the other side and stood on a clear patch of grass. I looked back at what I had just put myself through and noticed a dad and his son (who looked about 4) just watching me. They didnt do anything, just watched. Im not sure if anything else happened, but I think I woke up after that (at about 3am!)
2013-02-11 13:46:35


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