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a meeting with one of my favourite actors, I decide to dress up as characters from his show and act like them, but then I accidently activate a nuclear bomb and we swim through the tsunami into a jungle where we start to build treehouses and swing from branches, kinda like Tarzan. Then, I'm invited to an American hotel, I meet some of my friends there, but then it's attacked by gunmen at first we run but then I decide I'm not going to waste time, I'm going to fight them so we go to find guns from a local military base. Finally, I'm moving home and I'm with these people that I've never met. I chill with them and go round to meet my other flatmate who lives in an imposing house next door to us, it's like a gothic mansion. Both houses are in a secluded area. A man comes to the door but then I hear something really strange and as I don't like haunted houses, I leave my friend there. Later on, after explaining I think it's haunted, my friend comes to our door saying that there's a recording of the owner being a murderer explaining things about trying to find a new killer, a successor, the house has weird lights and rooms are lit up in different colours from yellow to red and we can hear cackles and screams from the recording of the murderer's actions. I decide lets call the police but my phone's running out of battery and I'm worried about staying there and ringing on the house phone. Then, a guy comes along with his daughter and we deduce they are possibly the possessed spirit of the murderer and his possessed daughter, both of whom are dead. I leave the house, and two others join me as it's dark as we need to call the police and it's dark and we're afraid of the dark in horror situations. Then my dream ended.
2015-12-10 12:02:47
Meeting a celebrity
2015-12-03 09:31:11
Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America with a band of well-dressed misfit college students. The group roams the dry, desolate earth during what seems to be the end of the world. We're staying at an abandoned gas station with a broken down car wash and an old barn/church building. Time lapse I'm with the young ladies of the church/barn at a youth meeting and I feel my stomach rumble. Because of this the older lady leading the group made me do what she called a pregnancy test in front of everyone. This involved taking a bottle of my urine and pouring it over a piece of sliced ham and adding chemicals. I remember thinking "I don't need to worry about hiding anything in front of them, this is a place I can be honest". Time lapse Of course, like any weird plot, I am pregnant but this youth leader in all of her "medical wisdom" says I'm too weak physically to have the child. The solution she came up with was to take it out and put in in my dad (who was somehow there) for the remainder of gestation and then cut it out of him. Time lapse So we try this procedure and my dad is pregnant with my (and heaven knows who's) child. Time lapse Somehow (I'm assuming something went wrong with the leader's terrible medical plan) I'm the one who's pregnant again. Time lapse Though I can't remember seeing the actual event, I'm crying because I lost the baby because my body was too weak to handle it. Time lapse I'm sitting on the curb of the gas station playing with the dry dirt under my feet and contemplate going into the barn and being with people or staying where I am alone with my emotions, hoping someone will reach out and be with me Alarm clock goes off and ends the dream
2015-11-07 04:21:52
My dream began with my father giving me money to purchase both cigarettes and pot. Why? I have no idea really. Anyway I was looking to buy cigarettes first and the first place I had gone to didn't carry them, so I rode my bike to the second place and purchased them. On my way back I took a path I don't usually take and found a phone on the ground, I soon realized this was my old phone that I had lost when something told me to attempt to put my old password in. However it looked different than the phone that I recall losing. Anyway after opening it I discovered a massive amount of *****ography on the phone.. Strange because I never looked that sort of thing up on my phone at all. Anyway later in the dream I was suppose to meet up with a friend of mine that I kept trying to get a hold of but for some reason couldn't, we were meeting up at the mall, well while at the mall I ended up in a book store and try to steal a book. As I'm leaving I run into a guy I used to like who approaches me by saying "hey wanna play a game?" Unsure what this was about, however still very attracted to the guy I agree to play and ask what game! He replies "we make out for sixty seconds, right here in front of everyone" so given that I still had a decent amount of attraction for the guy I agreed and began making out with him in public, not really caring who was watching, and completely forgetting I had somewhere to be.. Then after we stopped kissing, he told me round two was the same thing this time it invoked gum, so he began to chew a piece of gum he inserted into his mouth and pushed his lips against mine, passionately making out with me again, in public for everyone to see, this time passing the gum from his mouth to mine. When we stopped he just laid on top of me and told me that he had heard from my cousins that my friend I was suppose to meet up with was looking for me? I was confused as to how he knew that information but more nervous that I kept my friend waiting a long time and left the book store and ran through the mall looking for him, I woke up shortly after.
2015-09-27 17:41:51


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