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My dream began with my father giving me money to purchase both cigarettes and pot. Why? I have no idea really. Anyway I was looking to buy cigarettes first and the first place I had gone to didn't carry them, so I rode my bike to the second place and purchased them. On my way back I took a path I don't usually take and found a phone on the ground, I soon realized this was my old phone that I had lost when something told me to attempt to put my old password in. However it looked different than the phone that I recall losing. Anyway after opening it I discovered a massive amount of *****ography on the phone.. Strange because I never looked that sort of thing up on my phone at all. Anyway later in the dream I was suppose to meet up with a friend of mine that I kept trying to get a hold of but for some reason couldn't, we were meeting up at the mall, well while at the mall I ended up in a book store and try to steal a book. As I'm leaving I run into a guy I used to like who approaches me by saying "hey wanna play a game?" Unsure what this was about, however still very attracted to the guy I agree to play and ask what game! He replies "we make out for sixty seconds, right here in front of everyone" so given that I still had a decent amount of attraction for the guy I agreed and began making out with him in public, not really caring who was watching, and completely forgetting I had somewhere to be.. Then after we stopped kissing, he told me round two was the same thing this time it invoked gum, so he began to chew a piece of gum he inserted into his mouth and pushed his lips against mine, passionately making out with me again, in public for everyone to see, this time passing the gum from his mouth to mine. When we stopped he just laid on top of me and told me that he had heard from my cousins that my friend I was suppose to meet up with was looking for me? I was confused as to how he knew that information but more nervous that I kept my friend waiting a long time and left the book store and ran through the mall looking for him, I woke up shortly after.
2015-09-27 17:41:51
I was working at a daycare, but not my usual one, one I was filling in for. It was almost in a summer camp type setting. I was filling in for different lunch breaks, nothing particularly memorable going on. I was walking across the dirt parking lot after just talking with boss and a car was slowly approaching from the driveway entrance. There was a Muslim lady driving a dark brown Sudan, she also worked at the center. She looked to the right before entering the parking lot. I saw a child walking /running freely as if it were a summer camp and kids were roaming free run from somewhere and was to the left of the car. I put my arm up to point at the girl and yell at both to be careful, make sure they were aware of each other , but I could get my breath out in time and lady turned left running over the child. It was almost as if she got sucked under. I ran over, people had gathered , the Muslim/nikab wearing women was asking what to do, like back up and expose child or leave the car on top. I wasn't able to give an opinion before the lady backed the car up. I ran closer to the child and others did too. I wanted to help I yelled out to call 911 but they reached her before me and I said I'd call 911 and told them to help her.( I wanted to take charge, but backed down ) I run and I can't remember what I used to dial but when I'd dialled 911the numbers kept changing after I'd raise the device to my ear. Wasn't able to. I tried my cell and a computer. Eventually so frustrated I decided to run to a business of sorts where a male acquaintance was. He was an ex firefighter . As I ran over the driveway turned to stairs and the child laid motionless on the steps a couple sand toys near by. I asked an adult passerbyer why I they moved her body. They didn't know. No one was helping her but my mission was 911 so it didn't occur to me. Ran to this guys house..was really scared and anxious trying to explain I needed to call 911. He was helping someone when I got there I waited 2-3 seconds then interrupted , at first he got angry as if I was being rude, then was annoyed I didn't come in screaming a instead of waiting 2-3seconds to interrupt . He dials 911 for me and hands me the phone, I explain what happen and hang up. I feel emotionally exhausted at this point break down crying and keep going over images for this kid being run over. Venting to this ex- fireman. I do at this point realize that no one was with her on the steps and think I should have stayed to help and got someone else to call 911. I stay a little while ranting and crying while the man tries to consol me... As I head back to the daycare center I wonder if I should talke the Ativan from my purse. I worried I look too relaxed if I do and people will think I'm cold, but if I don't, I am having a hard time managing myself right now. I didn't make a decision, but I made it back to work and woke up.
2015-08-26 04:21:49


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