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2014-08-17 14:08:59
2014-07-21 02:24:32
So I was on the bus with my friends to go to an amusement park. We were sitting in the very back and at one point during our conversation I turned my head toward the front of the bus to see if we wee close to the amusement park and saw all of the Kpop groups, BTOB's members. I didn't really say anything right away cause I didn't want them to feel repulsed by me because they would probably think that I wouldn't leave them alone. So when the bus did finally arrive at the park we all got off and headed into the park and my friends, thankfully, coincidently chose the same ride as BTOB. So while we were waiting to go on the ride, Ilhoon and Eunk***** didn't go on the ride cause they couldn't handle drop into the water; it was a boat style ride so at the very end of the ride there is a big drop that gets you slpashed with water. So I was talking to them, trying to make them feel better and I told them how there were some less intense rides further in the park. But as I started off a little ahead of them to the other rides the rest of the amusement park disappeared and was replaced with a normal park with lots of open grass. So I started sprinting on the grass because I wanted too and I knew that there was no way for them to lose me and when they had just started running I was already half way across the field of grass, but then when I look behind my Sungjae is like right behind me. He ran hella fast and he almost beat me to the end but I still won. So when we all got to the end there was an old style Mexican restraurant that I apparently knew and wanted to show them but it didn't look how it normally would have. There were hardly any people there and it was all dark and slightly foggy. Sungjae went ahead one way and the other members stayed behind cause they wanted to talk to the other people there so I followed Sungjae since he hadn't been there before and could have gotten lost. As we walk down one side of the outdoor seating area there were two paths at the end of the small fence. Thankfully Sungjae went right right away cause when I looked left there were dark tall plants and a very thick fog that was moving quickly. And as we passed through the small gate a shadow passed us. Like it was the color of a shadow and looked like one but it was floating in the air and we could feel it when it passed us. So right after that I latch onto Sungjae since he was in front not that I'm complaining XD. He even kinda put his arms on mine that were around him to make sure I was still there. And as we keep walking down the creepy path we're all of the sudden running from confederate soldiers cause apparently we had stolen money or something from them and we knew we weren't being wrongly accused. And as the soldiers went one way with their guns we say them before they saw us so we went the other but the female confederates had anti*****ted this so they were there waiting so we try to run away as fast as possible but Sungjae ended up getting shot in like the leg or something like that. He tells me to keep running cause it was still possible for me to get away. I start off but then after like three steps turn around and run back to him saying the I'm not going to leave him. As I'm trying to help him up the female confederates catch up and then right before they were about the ***** us I woke up.
2014-07-02 00:39:54
2014-07-01 22:38:21
to lean om a gate.
2014-06-29 18:12:59


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