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I was at my high school gym with president Obama. We were very close friends, walking side by side, talking and laughing. He gave me a big gold necklace as a gift. I was holding the necklace in my hands. Then I saw a man standing on a small stage on the side, he was very depressed, he pointed to me and I carefully handed him a gun. He then positioned the gun right under his chin and shot himself. After the shooting, I was in shock, I didn't look at the dead man, I just collapsed on the floor in a fetal position, I hid my face and I was yelling "No". A man came and placed handcuffs on my wrests, I was still holding the gold necklace in my hand. Obama saw everything that happened but he wasn't too worried about me, it was as if he knew that they would let me go and that this was just the procedure after a shooting. I sat there in the gym on some chairs and I found the presidents wife next to me. She was white and she was feeding a black baby girl. The little girl was about one or two years old. She was very cute but a little shy. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then, I pulled my right hand out of the cuffs and the presidents wife looked at me like "what the hell?", I smiled and said "Yeah, I'm double-jointed" then I put my hand back into the cuffs. Finally the man came back and took the cuffs off of me. I walked out the gym from the back door and I found myself in my middle schools hallway (the one that I use to practice gymnastics in when I was in middle school) I saw Obama wearing a white a***** and had a tray with drinks in it (I think it was tea), he was taking it into one of the room as if he had guest over, I casually said goodbye to him, I was very tired so I said to him as I was leaving "I just want to sleep". I walked outdoors to find myself at my elementary school, only instead of the yard, it was an ocean. It was beautiful and then I saw a car sinking in the ocean. I rushed to the beach and saw some people pointing and talking about the accident and some other people in the water pulling out some people out of the car. Everyone was OK. After that, while I was standing on the white soft sand on the beach, I suddenly felt a breeze and I found myself floating in the air. Everyone started looking at me. I smiled and started flying around. As I was flying, I decided to go towards the cafeteria, I was so happy, so free and having so much fun. I was so much in control that I decided to lay on my back as I was flying. Then, I suddenly saw my great grandmother (who died when I was twelve). She was sitting on a whit bench, she looked exactly like she did when she was alive but she was crippled in my dream. She hand her knees up in her stomach, she wasn't talking or moving but when I called her name, she moved her eyes and looked at me. She didn't recognize me and I got very upset. I held her and tried to talk to her then I helped her up in a standing position and I hugged her so tight. After hugging her and when I let go of her, she was no longer old! She transferred into a little girl, her skin was so smooth, her hair was parted in the middle and braided to the sides. She was around seven or eight years old and she started running around and playing with an invisible person that I couldn't see but she could. However, she still could not see me.
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