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2017-10-26 22:37:17
I had four brothers, one of which I later realized had died, and 2 sisters, Kirstin was one, but it wasn't Kirstin and she was allergic to oranges. Our parents were somewhere, but none of us knew where. Us sisters were outside and all caged separately behind barbed wire fences, and it had rained a lot, somewhat flooded. Kirstin somehow escaped and let me out. In the distance was the house we grew up in, and I told her I was going there to get our dead brother's necklace and to find our parents. I didn't want to go alone, but she couldn't go because of her allergy. It skips how I get there and it jumps to me in the house, which was flooded and some walls missing completely,and there was no power I guess there was a storm. It's set up just like the house I grew up in, with the room upstairs to the right set up how it was when my eldest sister lived there, which was like nine years ago. In that room I found my mom and she was sitting in the corner in a rocking chair trying to get tv channels. The tv was on, but there was no other power in the house. We start walking through the flooded hallways, but the old house didn't have hallways, and my mom became possessed almost it seemed and then her face splits in two and her head falls off completely. Even after she died she kept talking to me and following me around, and none of that bothered me in the slightest..I finally found his necklace, which ended up being a bent fork. I also found my brothers and dad, but they're all vague to me. We all go outside and we're sitting together at a table trying to figure out who we are supposed to go into battle against and how we can defeat them.
2013-09-06 22:28:01


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