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Woke up and remembered a lot of my dream, this hasn't happened in months if not years. Broken pieces. I was exploring my old college, first I was with some asian girl wandering the halls, we went into a room which was playing a movie, it seemed like an asian-action movie with subtitles but it was near the end but we stayed to watch the final battle scene. Kind of sci-fi movie kind of like power-rangers/transformers. I'm then in the Athletics building and I am with Shawn Bartlette my old roommate and we say hi to my old boss, who doesn't seem to recognize me, I say my name and Shawn's and then I'm showing my Alumni ID which doesn't exist in real life, to the girl at the front desk. Next I'm returning a pillow to the athletics office that belongs to the hockey team but I cannot remember where my old coach's office is. None of the staff are recognizable. Next I'm heading down the stairs of my old college's gymnasium where a volleyball practice is beginning and we head into the fieldhouse where I run into a huge crowd, there are 4 guys I played with and we all shake hands and are pumped to see each other. Then I'm outside of a convenience store getting out of a car with my ex-girlfriend. There are 2 weird older guys on bikes kind of creeping, they may or may not have gone inside with my ex. I try to lock the door to the car and then begin to head inside but then there is a guy who goes up to the car to see if its locked and I give him my piece of mind. It isn't locked and he opens it and grabs the Ipod that is in there and just leaves it, the whole time I'm giving him the gears. He looks like a guy that walks down my street from time to time sauntering to 7-11. He explains he was just showing me the door was unlocked and wanted to lock it and asks why I am giving him a hard time, we banter back and forth. I apologize. Then the ex-girlfriend is there again and we talk, I have the sense in the dream that I've been in this conversation before, towards the end of the relationship, we are feeling odd about the two creepers on bikes that may or may not have been in the store, then she says something like “I guess I gotta get you home mister” and I take offence to this like why is she brushing me off and I finally say fine, “I'll just walk” I don't say goodbye I just start walking, a joint that we were going to smoke is in my pocket and I'm fiddling with it and then it kind of falls apart in my hand. I don't look back to see if she leaves but I recall worrying about the two guys on the bikes. As I'm walking through the parking lot it seems like it is now winter and a pack of dogs, big furry, winter-like dogs are ripping around the buildings. 5-7 of them. I remember thinking, those dogs are wild and not collared but I am not nervous. Then I wonder what I should do about these dogs, they can't be left out there alone. They all frolick and bounce around me in the snow and are walking with me. Then I wake up.
2012-07-18 06:51:59


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