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A gift of a basin of food
2015-05-17 09:11:40
1. huge house with hidden passage that i managed to find while browsing on my own. 2. the nearest passage is through the 2 windows that are put closed together.. 3. i have dream t this for several times 4. most of it i did not managed to escape 5. the owner of the house is a adult men and women that looks decent and respectable 6. the house surrounding place is different once i managed to get out from the house. 7. high fences and high security 8. the first encounter, i was with someone. only two of us 9. the recent encounter, there is tello, aca, epi, bob, and bob mention khyel even though i did not see khyrel 10. the last memory that i had is, bob letting himself hang in between the divider of the stairs, someone and i try to pull bob from falling and letting him falls on the guy that can spit blood and the blood turns into an eel. i was attacked by the guy ( he looks decent and weird in personality, didn't talk much, wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans, short hair, and somewhat familiar face) I've being fighting with him to stop him from doing what he's doing, i'm throwing something at him and he did too. i managed to let him fall under the stairs, and suddenly a plastic bucket with a size of rectangular basin swinging from my left and fell on the ground, he came and hug me from behind and try to push me downstairs with him, i pray to god and the only parts of my body that hold me from going downstairs with him is the tip of my toes that i grip on the vertical stairs divider. i continue to pray, and i gain strength, and i woke up. 11. there's a room that full with stuff that i managed to break into 12. the part that i managed to escape by climbing the fences, i have to run in crop circle before i find people. 13. i rent the house with others (mostly i know)
2014-02-10 11:46:21
I see oranges in a blue basin
2013-08-07 01:57:25


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