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I dreamed that I lived in a castle that I had built with my own hands. I had carved every inch of exposed wood. My wife was complaining that I spent more time taking care of and building the castle than I did her. I stab her in the ear with a pencil and she falls to the floor screaming then a bunch of rats come out and start biting on her and she dies. I walk down a very wide stair case to the living room and there is a fat lady sitting on a white leather couch looking out my floor to ceiling windows in the back of the house. A few feet behind her is a row of very large cages which hold a couple of lions and a gorilla. I climb up on the door of the end cage and let out the two lions. They attack the fat lady and she dies. I go inside the cage to keep myself away from the lions. The gorilla cage is connected to the lion cage with a single door. The gorilla holds up a key as if to tell me he can get to me if he wants. I exit the cage and flip a switch on the lock which makes the lock permanently locked and cannot be opened with a key. The lock casing is made of brass and I had carved it as well. I exit the castle through a hidden door near the cages. Once outside I stand back and look at the magnitude of my castle. I climb up the outside wall because some of the stones are sticking out just enough for a foot/hand hold. I enter back into the castle through an open window. I take a phone book off a small table in the room and set it on fire in order to burn down the castle.
2013-11-05 05:11:19


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