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First dream My brother and I were walking I could see trees and maybe some water I don’t know why we where there but I’ve been there before we walked down a big hill and then I said that we turn right down this fresh black road with fresh yellow painted lines my mother and aunt were walking be hind us I told them to go back to the car and they did I think chance asked me if I was sure if this was the right way and I said yes. That’s all I can remember about that road then we talk to a kid name Dane Matthew his dad owns a trucking company and all I remember is that he said his dad went to jail for drugs and that his dad told him to get his workers there money and Dane said that this guy was his dads biggest drug dealer and that he had to get him his money and I looked at the address and it started with a “B” and I had herd of it the check was made out for 24,000 dollars and we took it from Dane and all the other checks and we got him arrested or tied up and that was it with Dane and then we were walking again we ended up by a Casey’s gas station where I saw a cop driving by and I waved him to stop and I asked him if he new where the street that started with a “B” and he said he just came from there and that there was a shooting there and then he told us directions but I cant remember what they where and I asked him if he was going that way and he said no and then I asked could he give us a lift and he said he was going the opposite direction and that he was going to the gate to get off and then he drove off and then all off a sudden were at the house and it was a brown or tan colored house and chance nocked on the door and the half black or light brown man answer the door and said what the hell do you want and chance put the pointed his gun at his head and we walked in the house as the light brown man backed up and that’s when I woke up. Second dream I was driving my brother wasn’t with me no one was with me same road that we walked the freshly paned yellow striped black road I was driving down the road then all off a sudden I ran out of gas in a bad area across from the gas station I got out of my car and form a distance be hind me I herd come here ***** and it was directed toward me and I turned around and puffed out my chest to look intimidating and he had a gun or a knife in his hand and I ran to the gas station and he ran after me but stopped when I went in he waited out side it was dark and the gas station was closing in 5 minutes or so I think and he walked back across the street and the gas station closed I tried to call my brother but had know service and the out side lights where the gas pups were at shut off and some how my car was next to a gas pump but the guys were still a cross the street and I ran to my car and closed the door and there they where I saw three light brown guys and one in a scream mask but some how my passenger door wasn’t locked and a guy that I know got in and had a booie knife and I said are you really going to try and kill me I know you your not a killer and he said something but I woke up. 5:34 am
2013-12-09 20:14:00
i had a dream about paychecks
2013-04-21 08:24:54


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