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My dream: BBQ on a forested mountain, hanging around, tents up, great food and friends. A sudden hush falls through the crowd, with a dozen people now staring at the sunset. One of the girls begins to countdown, from 20, everyone else chimes in. We get louder and louder and all other sounds fad to a low buzzing. I move away from everyone to get a non-forested view of the days end. The next second after the world goes black I yell out to everyone to get up high. Remembering that height will effect the angle you can see the sun, so everyone gets on top of the cars, then stands up. We see the sun rush back up to reset for another sunset. As the sun becomes distorted black spots fill in the right side of the yellow and orange, growing till the sun is crescent. Everyone freaks out. Running from who knows running to nowhere, for this was inescapable. I don't run, instead I stand straight and tall. I stare even more into the sky. The sun rotates in crescent form becoming black as all, then far to bright, and it was getting larger, even changing color to a deep red. It's brightness waned and its size grew I could see flares, ripples, holes in the sun.I begin to float. It rotates more becoming a crescent then total black. I waited for several minutes. Nothing. Absolute black. Blinding light fills my vision once again, with a hole in the sun to the left now. As my eyes adjust I see not a hole but a planet in the sky. It was blue and textured, then it was earth. I was seeing earth forming an eclipse of the giant red sun. The ground at my feet was getting hot and the couch needed more insulation, I gather more pillows as the ground become red and perched atop them. I had no escape. As the earth fully eclipsed the sun I got a message on my iPhone. I reach for my pocket to find an app newly added. I open it to find something called "the innocent slider". I tap it. The eclipse fully takes over the sky and I am pulled through the hole as I see a slider for a number between one and a hundred. I slide to a hundred confused as the hell is happening. My nose widens. Several more sliders, all with the same numbers, but no clue what they will change. I slide them to random numbers to get to the next page, knowing that i had not much time. Everything about me is molded, I feel so different. The next slider is blue square on one side and a pink triangle on the other. It is set to the blue side I slide it quickly to the other for I sense a time limit quickly approaching. Now I'm female. The hell, I think. Next two sliders give a list of symbols which all look like ancient civilizations. I see a symbol for Aztec, Navajo, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and something else, several others I didn't recognize. I slide it to Iroquois. I could feel my body changing. I was naked now. The timeline was almost up. I needed to go. The eclipse passed over me, I fell into blackness. . . . I then awoke. Confused that I knew English, that I was male, and then realized it was a dream.
2013-05-21 00:55:10
Seeing a windchimes
2013-01-10 05:37:20
2012-01-31 08:42:24


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