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. I remember that we were supposed to go tent camping…I remember attempting to rope climb. The rope was very high up. There were two ropes twisted together. I untwisted and noticed they had knots used to assist climbers. I attempted to climb while I was by myself before anyone came to see me. I had a lot of difficulty, having to jump to gain any distance on the rope. Shortly after my attempts kids joined me, although I don’t remember seeing their faces, the feeling I had made me believe they were my own. I suddenly flashed back to the rope and remember touching the beam, signaling my success, and allowing myself to free fall back down to the ground. I remember there being problems getting through the dirt roads to get to the various places on the site. I remember there being an issue with something that we gave the attendant, and we took back from his bicycle when he wasn’t looking. Jillian, was displeased with the grounds keepers and the site, but was out running around doing adventures anyway, while I conducted business. I flashed and Jill, along with the camping adventure was gone, and I was with the ladies from the HR office playing a high stakes game of paintball. The funny thing was it was in the corporate office that we were playing. We were wearing professional garb, like helmets, BDU’s (Black) and goggles. It felt almost as if we were practicing a drill or scenario of some sort. I remember giving silent hand signals to my team members, I was the leader, and they understood what I meant. I was shocked b/c we had no formal training, but it was as if my team had been practicing for this for a long time. I remember seeing someone attempting to get the drop on us, peaking through a cracked door. I quickly pulled my head back around the corner of a wall and began to open fire. I do not remember actually hitting the person, but I do remember winning with my team, and we acted very swat team professional, and then my dreams were over.
2013-09-16 06:48:41
i had a dream about conducted
2013-04-14 23:20:16


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