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I had an outer body experience last night while manifesting through dark energy on a love and money spell that I had cast earlier that day. My physical body took on a black silhouette figure and I found my outer body standing in the front yard of my house looking up at the moon that was six times it's normal size and had stars abnormally clustered around it. I looked up at the moon and defiantly said "I want the money and the wealth! He WILL love me! This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!" I repeated the same thing twice and then the vessels of my heart protruded out of my chest like giant tubes and one vessel connected directly to the moon and the other stretched it's way all the way to my lover's house through his bedroom window. I looked at the moon again in my dark form and said "This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!"I began making motions with my hands as if pulling the manifestation into me and into my heart. Right after that money began to fall from the sky towards me. As I reached down to pick it up I noticed the street was made out of soft, cushion like rocks and every piece of money I picked up was all 100 dollar bills and nothing less. I had so many 100 dollar bills in my hand that it became an enlarged stack of them. Next a silhouette of a nice looking car popped up on the street and my lover appeared also in a black silhouette form and he said my name. I turned around and looked at him and we hugged each other before getting into the car and driving away.
2017-04-01 10:57:20
2015-01-12 19:54:52
My twin sister, my brother, his girlfriend and me were at my brothers girlfriends house and he asked us if we wanted pizza rolls so they all left me in the living room, the living room was right next to the stairs and doorway where they left to get pizza rolls and the couches were ones that you can separate but also have together and for some reason I was trying to put something alsmot like a tall laundry basket on the couches cushion but it kept falling over so I moved one part of the couch away to get a pillow that fell inbetween them to try to make it valence with the pillow and then these glass sheets fell. No one heard them break because for some reason my brother started doing dishes and he dropped a glass in the sink the same time the glass broke in the livingroom but the glass he dropped didn't break. Anyway since no one notices I just pushed it under the couch with my good and then I ended up having to move more glass type rectangles under the couch that were broken but they were a cream color. I moved it with my foot while I was leaning on a different couch, I had my white keds on and then I noticed my foot was stuck while trying to move the other broken glass tile. Since my foot was stuck I used my finer to try and pry off the glass from my shoe and when I got it off there was still a kind if rigged diamond piece still stuck in my shoe, when I went to reach to get it out of my shoe I noticed the blood on my finger was a very very dark red color and then things felt like they were going in slow motion and I couldn't quit me get a good look at my finger because everything was going slow and fuzzy and weird. Then everything went black and then it turned to a different scene, I was in the same place still trying to balance the basket and then my twin sister was next to me talking to me about something when a little dinosaur about 5 feet talk comes in from a doorway on the left of the couch and us and he just looks at us and so I went ontop of the couch to make myself look bigger than it and it walked back through the doorway and then I woke up.
2014-09-03 06:45:07


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