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dawn dusk horizons
2013-11-24 11:25:46
I'm at the doctor (to which I've been going to for about 4 days) and he's asking all questions, takes my blood pressure and then tells me to take my 2 fingers, put them on my scalp and then slowly move them to my waist to ensure they are merely the same size. I did this about ten times as doctor took notes. Doctor was funny and kind. He said we were going to do another brain activity outside next. He writes some doctor stuff down, then left the room normally(I think he went outside to prepare the next thing we had to do). ALL OF A SUDDEN, I hear LOUD static which turns to a weird beeping sound, flashing lights everywhere, and the earth shaked as if there was a level 10 earthquake. People gathered outside. It was blueish/dawn outside. HUGE UFOs were in the sky and seemed to be attacking Earth. This went on for about 7 minutes, then, more, differnt-looking ufos came and tried to attack the first ufos. These ones had colorful dots and I found these ones to be the government. I whipped out my phone and took 4 pictures of the ufos- I did it quick bc I was scared they would see me. They eventually went away and it turned cold. everyone was heading some direction in a hurry(I guess they were going home). Everyone was walking quickly in groups, all holding hands. Kristi barcelo and katie drought same up to me and said to hurry and to walk with them. Finally made it home and the earth turned pitch black. No lights worked. The world was silent now and everyone seemed to be sleeping. Teresa was sleeping in her bed. I looked out teresas window and saw things laying out on the driveway and road. Idk if it was people or debris from trees or what, I just knew I should stay away from the window. I walk into my room and someone's sleeping on my bed. I look closley, see it's jessica and try to wake her up. She does the peace sign and continues to sleep. I try to wake her up again, this time she sits up. I ask her wth is all of this, and what happened? I say nothing is real anymore, Everything is a copy of a copy and everything is so far away. I ask Jessica what happened and she tells me her story. It started off she was at starbucks drinking a mocha then it happened. She told me her whole story. I asked what were the things outside? She said that same people died/froze because they got too close or they touched the ufos. Then mom. And jessicas mom appeared at the doorway, jessicas mom was here to pick her up. She left. Mom was saying we were going to the dmv soon and she asked me 2 questions to quiz me. I told her I wasn't ready to take the test and I didn't study for it yet, but she said it was easy now and she would take the test with me. (Need 2 ppl to drive a car? New cars?)
2013-08-19 18:27:10


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