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My mother and my grandmother were the only family I had ever known. Now I was going to be left all alone as they cruised the world for the next three years. To top it all off they were sending me to a super creepy, super high security boarding school for kids without supervision. The day we toured I knew that I hated the place it creeped me out. The walls were way too white, and the teachers all had fake smiles plastered on their middle aged faces. It didn’t help the school was surrounded by chain linked fences topped with that circular barb wire, and a dark forest just beyond that. My hatred multiplied by infinity when I woke up the next day at 5 freaking thirty and was forced to dress and follow a group of about one hundred nervous kids into a freaking ditch. When I took a minute to rub the sleep out of my eyes and look around I saw a rounded inwards wall of dirt was on my right and one of the chained link fences and the forest lined the left. On top of the dirt wall stood the teachers I met smiling evilly with tasers and cattle prods. Behind me loomed a giant metal gate that I noticed was now starting to open. From the small crack slithered out snakes, as it opened wider I saw more deadly animals with hunger written in their eyes. I ran. I didn’t want to be loin chow. I couldn’t see anyone around me. I guess either the others were all dead or I was just way ahead. When I looked up again I saw another gate. This one already open. I started to panic. These sadistic *****s were going to lock the survivors in this pit of hell with those animals. When I reached the dirt wall on the far end I tried to run up it. It was useless I kept sliding back down. I heard a clang and looked back to see what carnivores I had been locked in with. When I turned I was surprised to find only other teenagers that had escaped being animal chow. One kid in particular stood out. He stood there not even appearing tired. He was soaked through with sweat, but he wasn’t breathing hard in the least. When I walked over to him I notice that he was wearing a black shirt with a red gears of war symbol on it. And dark jeans that were not sagging, thank god, and had blonde spiky hair with red highlights. After I finished taking in his appearance I attempted to strike up a conversation. “Hey umm I’m Elisabeth. What’s your name?” the teen looked at me like I was crazy before answering. “Tyler…” his deep voice drifted off as he took in my appearance. I was wearing light jeans and an assassin’s creed tee shirt and I was sporting blue highlights in my long blonde hair. I decided to interrupt his examination. “So why are you stuck in this hell hole?” “Parents ditched me, they said I played too many video games and needed a stricter regimen.” We keep talking for a bit and then are led back into the school. **the next week** I was dropped back into the ditch and this time I wasn’t stressed in the least. I was ready for anything that those ***** teachers could throw at me. The gate opened and I took off running. Looking for any gaps in the fence or the curved walls. As I looked into the woods I saw a lion laying on a branch, and for a second I saw a flash in its eyes, and then I sped up, I saw a gap in the dirt wall, just low enough to jump, and then a thought struck me. Tyler. We had become fast friends and I wasn’t going to leave him here. I stopped and started to run back. I didn’t realize how far ahead I was. All of the other teens looked fearful and gave me a wide birth. When I made it to Tyler’s side I tried to get his attention, but when he looked he took off running faster than before. I sped up and grabbed him, dragging him along with me to the gap in the wall. I pulled him onto my back and leapt over the dirt and onto to the soft grass. I saw teachers to either side of me, but they paid me no heed. I ran, faster than before with Tyler still on my back. I stopped when I saw a old western looking bar and carried Tyler around to the back of the building and threw him against the wall there, ready to tell him off for running from me earlier. He looked at me and said “you…lion…huh?” I looked at him with a face that clearly read. ‘Are you *****ing crazy’ and said “what the hell are you talking about?” Tyler gave me the same face, he does that a lot. “You were just a huge lion.” “Are you delusional?” I proceeded to check him for a fever. He slapped my hand away and said “no I’m *****ing serious. You were just a huge loin and carried me here on your back. Damn Lis why didn’t you tell me you were a shape shifter?”
2012-10-01 16:28:26


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