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i had a dream about deon
2013-03-19 20:29:37
i dreamt about nickelodeon
2013-03-16 19:47:37
I lie myself to sleep and in reality, then I wake up in the dream .... In a large obnoxious old house. And when I say big and obnoxious, I believe such a horror house ... So I go around and meet other people who also live there and they say the house is haunted ... I think of course not ... So during the day, I go outside to explore the site. Finely quarter was apart from the old house in the middle where I live .... So for tonight, so I hear footsteps and noises in the house ... And just think this is probably the house that gives him. So I lay down and sleep. Then some man with 2 dogs ... Because he and I were into another house. Then he would put the 2 dogs inside in a room with a fireplace and all, very fine. So we open the door in there to. and try and push the dogs in there, but they are like rocks, do not move, stand and knore crazy. So we let them be in the bedroom. And go into another house. How to run a television on Nickelodeon or something. And there is a refrigerator, and sofa and coffee table and the refrigerator is filled with food and beer and cola and all sorts of ***** ... And it was all that was in the second house. Then during the evening we go back .. So we come in the door ... Then we hear a baby cry ... And *****ody in the house have a baby ... And the only ones who can hear it's me and my friend the thing is ... Also because I know that inside the fireplace stands, dead a mother and a baby again .. And it frightened me ... So I wake up in real life, my whole body shakes and I turn on its side also starts my arm where my cross is burning and beating wildly ... So I lay me to sleep again ... So I wake up in the dream again, and continue from where I left off .... and I can still hear the baby cry, and suddenly I hear a scream ... As can be felt through the entire body. Then I take my stuff and start and go from door to get away. So stop me 3 people. And I say to be. Also gives a boost to me. And as they push me, waking me up again and my alarm rescuer 1 min or so after ...
2012-05-13 05:10:47


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