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2017-08-21 00:15:23
I was going to have a meeting with the President, I had been called. I noticed that there were doughnuts in the waiting room, but I didn't have any, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to. I see the previous person leave, and I get called in. Mr. Obama asks me a few questions, but it's mostly just small talk. One notable thing is that he asked me if I wanted a piece of the doughnut he was eating, I said “no, I'm trying to watch what I eat” and he said “I'm not going to feel bad alone” and tossed me a piece of his doughnut. The piece flew through the air in pretty vivid imagery, culminating with my catching it. I had to get up to run some errands that I do not remember what, but I came back, and appologized to the President for leaving without his permission or ending the interview, he said that it was okay. He was watching tv at what looked like my parents house. I realized that I had someplace to go, but my glasses were broken (or I was nervous that they might break) so I needed to get some contacts. We were at JCPenneys and I saw on a sign a good deal for contact lenses. I knew where the eye department at Pennys was, so I started to go there, but couldn't find it. I asked Dad who was with me, and that's when I realized that the store had been remodeled. I looked over and saw a sunglass stand across the store, but I followed him back past the enterance, and there was a comment made that when some people come through the door, a parent goes one way and two children will go the other two ways. Dad eventually led me to an old shed door, when he opened it there were old cobwebs and a bunch of old storage stuff. He didn't even want to go in there because of some spider webs, but we knocked them down anyways and he went inside. I kept hearing some snoring and was asking if anything was in there. He kept saying “no.” Eventually, I saw a small bull dog (or pit bull, not sure which) and when I shined the light on him, he jumped at bit at me, but I managed to jump back. After a few minutes of working with him, I started to throw a ball with him and he let me start to pet him a bit. He only had three legs. On one throw, Pippin came around and started playing with us as well. Then a security guard came around, shone a flashlight at me and asked what we were doing here, I told him that my dad was in that storage shed. He says that we aren't suppose to be there, and proceeds to slap a lock on the door. I yell at him “what the hell are you doing, my father is in there!” and he tells me that “it's okay, the lock is weak.” I proceed to push past him and open the handle, snapping the lock, just as dad was coming out holding something, I'm not sure what. I chewed out the security guard, but the words I used escape me. Anne and I started to put Pippin and Myra away, I elected to not put collars on them, because they will only get them ripped off, but instead lead them around the corner to a large open kennel (like one at a dog park) and call them there, myra at one time ends out on the wrong side of a corner, and I have to call her around. I put them in the kennel, and that's when I woke up.
2012-12-21 09:56:38


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