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My in laws were visiting, we were having a normal evening and when we were getting ready for bed. I went to tuck my kids in. my in laws were staying in their room, using my sons bed, while my kids slept on Ka'ena's daybed and trundle. Kelii and I were finishing cleaning up the kitchen and livingroom. I went back to see if the kids hd fallen asleep yet and theu were. But I also found my sister in law Leina in the reom as well, talking to my in laws. Next thing you know Kelii is heating a plate of food for her. We let her know that she can shower after she eats. After awhile, Kelii and I are getting ready for bed and we notice Leina starting tweek out (mind you she is a heavy drug user). They all of a sudden a guy shows up randomly in the dream, big husky brown skin black medoum length hair. He seemed cool in the beginning and things start to get awkward and werid. Kelii and I ended up getting for bed in the kids room, and there was a Werid discussion with us, Leina, and the random guy. There was a dog standing guard. I remember seeimg to different rooms that were shops; one was a dinner, the other was a random clothes shop. I turned to Kelii and turned back it all of a sudden the two rooms/shops became one dinner and the random guy was cleaning it and tweeking out with Leina. I told Kelii to talk to them, the kids and my in laws were asleep. I then remember hearing Leina apologizing to Kelii consistently and saying "I'm so sorry I am, but they are coming with kids and will kill everyone in this hoise front back even the kids, it doesn't matter to them". Kelii yelled "WHAT tHE FUCK DID YOU DO? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" Leina sobed and kept apologizing "I am so sorry, ypu guys have tonleave now". I walked out the back to find a way on how to escape, there was really no option but to hop the fence on either side of the house. I walked to the side of the house that can view the steeet it was dark and I saw 3 suvs roll up full of people with kids. Yelled for Kelii and he walled out with both the kids, I grabbed them from him and told him "what about your parents", he walked in as they were about ready to walk out. Leina still sobbing and apologizing and the random guy was still cleaning. As we were making our way over the fence, I thought to myself, "oh no. Jessa and her family. I tried to warn them but all they guys from their suvs were outside their suvs loading up. I yelled in jessa's kids bedroom window and was able to walk jessa and been able to warn them about was about to go down. My family all almost of all over the fence and I was about but was waiting to see when Ben or Jessa would hurry and come but they were taking long. At this point I woke up from my dream hyperventilating, and having cheat pains. I woke Kelii and asked him to check on the kids and they were find.
2016-12-14 02:30:35
My daughter who is 14 and I were kidnapped and brought to a house that I remember being a childhood friends home. There was a man there that had become angry with me so he took out this small gage pistol and shot me in the forehead (off to the left side a bit), with my daughter standing there witnessing the whole thing. This dream was so vivid I can still remember the burning/stinging sensation in my skull when the bullet went in. I can taste the metal and feel the warmth of the blood trickling down the side of my head. I fell backwards onto a mattress that was laying on the floor. My daughter ran to my side obviously screaming and crying. I can remember laying there thinking "I can't die, I can't leave her here alone in this situation, I have to survive, get us out". I finally came too and softly whispered to her that I was in fact not dead but we had to pretend I was, she would need to cover me as if I was a lifeless body laying there. We did this for Nealy 3 days until late evening on the third day I was able to sneak us out of this house when the man was asleep and make it to the street where a passer-by picked us up and took us to local police station. I proceeded to tell the officer what had happened. He refused to believe me. I even showed him my wound which looked at this point like a severe burn a tad bit bigger than a pencil eraser but still soft and mushy in the center where the bullet had gone through the skull. It was at this point I woke up, in a cold sweat. Soooo please can someone explain why this was so vivid a d what these things all symbolize.
2016-09-12 12:25:44


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