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I was helping a pregnant woman who was supposed to be my cousin. I found a young boy who was unwanted and the cousin decided to adopt him. I helped around the house with c*****s and in the yard. I parked my car across the street from the house and a lamp pole fell on it. The pole dented the passenger side of the car, but the car seemed to absorb the pole. I argued with my cousins husband about the seriousness of the event and he walked away angry. He started doing yard work while his parents watched. I poured mmy heart out to him and expressed love for him and his wife. I grabbed him and gave him a big, tight hug, after which he forgave me. Then the young boy was taken to see a doctor and we found out that he is very sick. I walked back inside the house, which is designed like my ex-boyfriends house, and I found my dog dying in the front hallway. My husband appeared and he would not help me with the dog. I ran around like crazy trying to get help, but no one would help. The dog psuedo-recovered. I was doing dishes in the kitchen when the husband and a ton of family appeared. He was giving a big speech about the effort everyone gave. As a reward he handed out tickets to everyone to see a play at a concert hall, but he gave me and my husband tickets to go to San Francisco. I was overwhelmed and thankful. I got into a fight with my mother over which one of us had suffered more. I stood over her yelling in her face about my sacrifices. The cousin and husband wanted private time and kicked everyone out except me. I finished the kitchen and cleaned out the refridgerator. Then I looked down the hallway and I could see the couple getting intimate, but they ignored me. I then went into the back playroom whereThe sick boy was watching television. I talked with him some more and told him how much I loved him and that I would protect him. Then we were at a missile base somewhere in America and we tripped an alarm. Missiles started firing and some men showed up to help us escape. We had a blast riding rocket ships. We were badasses.
2014-01-13 05:04:51


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