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Was at home, and it was like I was watching Casualty (but it was happening in real life) a truck pulled up at the end of the grass bit at the end of the road, near ours, and then Holly came back from her travels (from Casualty) but they had changed her, she was the real Holly. Then at some point Sid (the doctor from Home and away) was here, and I got these pains in my stomach, he noticed that I crowched down/bent over in pain, he came to me, and helped me to lie down on the sofa at home, he was pressing on my stomach to see where the actual pain was. He comforted me, as the pain was pretty bad. He then said, I need to take to in, to hospital... right, I'll be back in a minute, I followed him and realised that he was going up stairs, I knew where he was going (to tell my parents that I am pregnant, though I didn't know how I could be, as I hadn't had *****) so as he got over halfway up the stairs I said Sid? Please don't tell them, please, he paused and said ok...I won't, then he turned around and came back down the stairs. He put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it as reassurance. I knew that I had to be at work by 2pm, and it was 10am already (I think, Im guessing actually) we headed out to the hospital, when we got there, there was a man in the corridor by one of the stair cases, he was being treated by Sam and Zoe (doctors from Casualty) and as they were going up the stairs, I got the pain again in my stomach, I bent over in pain again. At this point Sid wasn't around, so Sam and Zoe saw me, and said is she ok? Do you need some help there? I straightened myself up and just said, no I'm fine, honestly, I'll be ok :) (with a fake smile) after that Sid was sitting at the bottom of about 7 steps outside, so I was sitting next to him, and we were just talking, I saw a woman at the top of the stair case and her partner/husband at the bottom, and they were argueing, and all of a sudden the woman threw herself down the stairs. Then my pains came back again, Sid held me and pulled me close as we were sitting on the stairs. Then I think I lost consciousness and then I woke up from the dream...
2013-08-07 02:05:14


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