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[HooAnnotatek: Future] I come looking for you with Haitians I stay smoking on good Jamaican I ***** *****es from different races You get money they started hating (Turn Up!) I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti [Verse 1: Ace Hood] Niggas be hatin I'm rich as a ***** 100K I spent that on my wrist 200 dollars, I spent that on your ***** Do me a model, put that on my list Oh there he go in that foreign again Killin the scene bring the coroner in Murder she wrote, swallow or choke Hit her and go home, I won't call her again Woke up early morning, crib as big as a college Smoke me a pound of the loudest Whippin some ***** with no mileage Diamonds cost me a fortune Them horses all in them Porsches You *****es can't hardly afford it 4,200 my mortgage Ballin on *****s like Kobe Fuck all you haters you bore me Only the real get a piece of the plate Reppin my city I'm runnin my state Give me a pistol then run with the K's Niggas want beef then I visit ya place (Bang!) [Hook] [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Yeah, and I'm at it again There go that flow bringin tragedy in Copped me a chain your salary spent Niggas is sweet bring them cavities in Countin money, hourly trend Rolling them skinny like Olsen twins Niggas is squares, coppin' a Benz Neck full of Gold Olympian ***** Neimans, I'm blowing the check on they gear Fall on some ***** then hop on the Lear Strapped with them choppers back of the rear Sak pase' them killers is here Woke up early this morning, mind is tellin me money Paper, mula, pockets is fat as a tumor Millionaire ***** no rumor Livin my life off of tuna Wanted with me I deliver the beef Real *****s only enjoyin the feast Pull up a seat, bon app├ętit No Louboutins put that red on your sneaks (Bang!) [Hook] [Verse 3: Rick Ross] Photographs of dope boys, is all they taking Finger prints on the Rolls Royce, is why they hatin' Push a button on these broke boys, that's detonation Walk a road to riches bare feet I watch mama struggle now she livin' carefree That's why I hustle for half a key that's 12 G's I'm tryin' to bubble every summer a new LP You gotta love me I got shooters out the D-League Signin' bonus hit that man that's from thirty feet Left in a puddle, finger prints is on hundred mill And what it is? Ricky Rozay and Ace Hood, we hella Trill Yeah
2013-08-12 21:24:21
I was sneaking in the back of a makeup studio while people were coming in for interviews, and the person that was supposed to be there conducting interviews wasn't there. I took the applications and told the people I'd call them. I set my phone down on the computer desk and played around in makeup for awhile. I then left so I wouldn't get caught. I forget why I was walking or where I was going to, but I got lost, and I asked a tiny child how to get back to the makeup place because I lost my phone. The kid sounded like he knew EXACTLY where I was talking about, and he told me to come with him. He found a man who had a thick Jamaican accent and gave him twenty dollars. In exchange the man gave him a pile of nickles (about 2$ worth). The nickles were covered in grimey stuff and the kid took half the nickles and gave them back to him. The man then pulled out a handful of maggots an d put them on the ground next to the nickles (wtf:??) and the kid smiled. At this point I knew they wouldn't know where to take me...but the kid (who was about 8) looked at me and said 'we drive there?' He walks to a car, I hop in, and he hops in the driver seat. He drives backwards over four narrow bridges at CRAZY fast speeds. I'm worried now because I don't have my phone, and my significant other might be mad at me because he can't call me to see if I'm ok. I'm also LIVID at this kid, who despite my pleas won't stop going over the narrow bridges which are a car width wide at best. Finally, I get out and a spooky looking dude with one eye says if I walk north for a minute and then west, I'll find it. I thank him. I pass through a blue bouncey-house on the way to the makeup place and my phone falls out of my pocket. Turns out I had my phone the whole time.
2012-12-09 07:39:14
My little cousin had ran across the street into this library. I was eating breakfast with my family in jamaica when I saw him get across. I chased him and suddenly this really cute guy showed up and started helping me. We got to the library and learned that my little cousin was not there. Then the guy kissed me. The next day I went to the beach and watched the sun set. Once i got home The guy showed up again wearing a suit and holding some flowers. I Changed out of my bathing suit and went to go show him this other house. When we got into the yard we both said that we loved each other. when we kissed it felt like everything was spinning. then this other girl showed up and he kissed her and said he had to share. then my older cousin showed up and kept giving the guy the evil eye. Suddenly this list appears and say that the guy had this checklist on how to get a girl to fall in love with him. I felt really hurt so I started crying and ran Away. Magically I end up in this attic with my dad And start packing for going home. When I hear the guy coming up the stairs I meet him halfway and tell him to get out of the house before my dad sees him and kills him, I really want to kiss him now but i cant because he has already left. I go back up to the attic and my dad is asleep. I wake him up and ask him to drive me to the park where the guy is at. once we get there I have to go through this maze that looks like an ikea store but has animals every where. at the last part of the maze it was an escalator that kept opening and closing. I hopped on the escalator and when i got to the top I was out of breath and there was a wall of thorns and I had realized that I had gone to the wrong park. Then I woke up from my dream. After I woke up I still missed the guy from my dream
2012-06-27 12:44:26


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