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Okay so my dream started off in this building that appeared to have a military-like theme to it. I was in this pale green uniform along with some kids I recognized from my school and a bunch of other people I don't know. We were running back and forth across the concrete floor, doing laps, and then we started doing gymnastics. The place had the same bins as my gymnastics place has where you keep your stuff. I saw my crush and one of his friends walking away. My crush was in a white tank top and black pants. I was so determined to follow him and his friend that I grabbed my stuff in a hurry and I followed him through the back of the building to his truck. It was the same truck that used to belong to my grandmother which was a pretty blue. My crush was in the drivers seat, his friend in the passenger seat, and me in the backseat. He began to drive and I vaguely remember seeing the sun setting through the window. For the longest time they didn't notice I was in the car with them until my crush turned and noticed and me and did a double take as if he couldn't believe I was there. I was embarassed by the way he was looking at me and I looked down at my feet, unable to maintain eye contact with him. Then he continued driving like he didn't mind I was in his car. His friend started talking about all the things he wanted to go and do. My crush responded by saying, "But first we have to do something with her." at hearing them talk about me I looked up and made eye contact with my crush but I got to nervous to hold it so I looked back down at my feet. And that's when I noticed that in my rush to follow my crush I left behind my ballet flats. I told him this, slapping my forehead at the thought that I could be so stupid, and shaking my head in disbelief. He asked me a couple times if I was sure and I answered by nodding my head yes. Suddenly I was next to the lost in found from my school that's located in the girls locker room, on my hands and knees digging through the lost clothing. I dug through until I found the most beautiful pair of black ballet flats I've ever seen in my entire life. I gasped at them in awe for a moment before putting them on my feet. Then I was in a dark alley that was lit only by a couple of streetlights with my crush. He had the same outfit on as earlier. He punched in my left arm to get my attention and said, "Come with me." I didn't argue. I followed him obediately, I was really happy, and we walked along in a thoughtful silence. I followed him up to the rusty door of this vacant warehouse before I stopped. I then punched him in his right arm to get his attention. He turned and looked at me and I responded by looking down at my feet. "Look I found my shoes." I said and in that moment the ballet flats changed from this unearthly black to a vibrant purple. I grinned and a feeling of unmatchable happiness swelled inside me. I thought I saw him smile faintly before opening the warehouse door for me. He offered me his right hand and I took it letting him lead me inside the warehouse. He shut the door behind us. We both turned to gasp at a single lightbulb that shone, with both are jaws dropped we watched as the lightbulb got brighter and brighter until I woke up.
2013-02-28 20:22:58


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