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My boyfriend was a psycho killer. He would go everywhere and kill everyone he sees, except me, because he is sweet and kind but only to me. He had security cameras set up everywhere so everyone including the police can see the baby in the water being eaten by the shark. Finally they were able to arrest him and a couple of his friends and they were brought to a mental institution and once you look at them in the window they would seem calm, drawing or walking around but drowsy like zombies. If you try to open the door, they will try to escape. I visited a couple times to say hi. He had his gang that wasn't in the intuition to find me, lock me up in a house with cameras all over, so they went to a dorm at school, pulling girls hair in each room trying to find me. I pretended to have an accent so they wouldn't recognize me, but still managed to find me. They put in a house like the one in the purge. It is a beautiful mansion, but I couldn't escape. He had security cameras set up all over to spy on me and for some weird reason I had magical powers in my dream (like being invisible) but only he and his gang wasn't affected by it. Every time I misbehaved and tried to escape I would just apologize to my boyfriend who told me, "there is no point in trying to escape. If you leave me, I will have no choice but to kill you." The only good part of it was he was easy to trick and manipulate. He bought a whole mall and managed to put it in the house and when I would get lonely would invite people outside to come in but they, like me, could never leave.
2014-07-07 15:01:03
i got magical powers
2013-07-03 00:11:28
Magical powers and money
2013-06-15 13:26:09


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