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Before I type my dream I want to explain that I have the most vivid dreams ever, I can feel everything during my sleep and remember the feeling when I wake up. I had a dream of walking through a beautiful field, it was an early morning, I could feel my skin bathing in the warmth of the sun, and see it shimmer of off my skin, I was barefoot and could feel every grass between my toes, and the dew that hung on the tips of the grass, I can remember the scent of every individual flower, and I can remember the wind and the feeling of it as it blew through my hair. When I set and think about these dreams I even feel it occurring as if the dream was happening right now. The dream I am about to tell I have researched and find my dream is a little different so I want the meaning of my dream. In my dream I was a leader of some sort, I had an education in a field with the brain, and genetics. I was a well known man, but I became even more popular after my most recent experiment that succeeded. I mastered the ability to completely placebo affect our bodies through meditation. I was able to trick my brain into certain beliefs and broke the impossible in a lot of ways, with further studies in my dream I found my ability to placebo affect was actually shifting parts of my DNA and adding new letters to code me. I discovered that I was mutating my self and evolving with my own beliefs. What I became well known for in my dream was being able to breath underwater. In my dream it took time to perfect the skill to begin with I could do it for only minutes, then hours, then days, and then forever it seemed. I received awards and became even more popular for my perfection of the brain and the placebo affect. The dream started to come to an end when I found that I wanted to teach one other person how to do this. I discovered after I awoke that what it took was complete peace with the world, and meditation high levels of meditation, the person I taught was my best friend Tyler. We were able to deep sea dive, and explore the beautiful ocean and go where others could not. The dream ended during and expedition. So to explain myself I am actually a very at peace person. I do meditate for real to find peace, I have placebo affected myself in a lot of ways, I have learned to drop hate in fooling my brain that hate is a wasteless emotion, with this I have found love for everyone and people I completely at peace, I tell my self at night that I want to wake up happy and have to and believe I will and I do. I have perfected hiccups, when I get the hiccups I simply tell myself that I have them and they disappear all of this only occurs because I believe it all works whole heatedly and it does. I am a very relaxed person, I recently have been finding I am lucid dreaming more often as well, and my best friend Tyler is appearing in a lot more of my dreams. I can describe how it even felt to breath underwater as well. Our lungs had a water filtering system that transformed water to oxygen almost like gills. It was heavy and hard to breath but after awhile became easy at first it felt as if someone was pressing on my lungs hard and then they became stronger and it was not a problem to breath. The could create air bubbles constantly anytime. I really want an interpretation of this dream.
2013-12-11 13:37:49
2012-01-18 11:55:58


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