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You are a miracle as we work.
2016-11-16 20:09:34
I was large, large like a god looking down on a small earth. I was looking over the ocean and I could see a man. He had fallen overboard his ship. The ship could not save him; they could not reach him with the massive waves that swept them away. There was a whale in the water; this wale did not want the man to be saved. The whale was swimming rapidly drowning the man and pushing the ship further and further away. He made the man helpless killing him slowly. I could not stand to watch this any longer. I reached down and scoped the man up in my hands, and at that point I panicked. He needed CPR or some sort of help that I could not provide being so much larger. I looked around me surrounded by others just as large. I was shouting for help franticly asking what can I do! I got the same response from everyone that there was nothing I could do and to put him out of his misery. I could not bear this answer there had to be something anything. As he lay in my hand helpless something amazing happened he began to cough! He stumbled to the tip of my finger trying to stand. No one had noticed this small miracle in my hand but I. then suddenly he was being yanked out of my grasp. I could not pull back it would kill him! I was screaming I cannot remember if any words came out though I attempted. I could feel his tiny hands griping my finger for his life. The way they slipped from my hand holding with every ounce of energy he had. But the force pulling was much stronger. It was a man a friend of mine who knew I could not do what everyone thought needed to be done. No one had seen the man get up; they all believed he was suffering. He did not listen to my screams of horror and in that one swift movement this tiny miracle was gone. I will always remember those tiny hands the way they slipped from mine.
2014-02-14 18:43:52
i dreamed on fatima miracle
2013-04-15 19:13:52


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