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Molly Bird
2018-02-17 15:36:12
2016-04-15 07:54:11
, I went on vacation and it was a hotel room/a room in my boyfriends parents house. The room was haunted with a bad spirit that stayed in the top corner of the closet in the room. I had been to that room before and I knew I didn't want to stay there but I did anyways and instead of letting it scare me I confronted it and acted tough in front of it, and I even slept in there. I was scared to fall asleep but I still didn't want to show it that I was terrified of it. I would look right where the spirit was and tell it to ***** off and to leave me alone. The next day I was possessed. I was giving everyone scary looks and they were all wondering what was wrong with me but I would growl at them to scare them away. Then all of a sudden it was like I was Rollin on Molly, not just me but everyone at the hotel. Everyone that was around my age was Rollin and we were all dancing around the hotel while I kept thinking that I needed to avoid my mom while I was on the drug. She was down by the pool so as I enjoyed what I was doing Made sure I didn't go near the pool. Next thing I knew I had to go to lavaughns parents house for dinner, I was extra happy and still Rollin a little bit. I was talkative. They seemed stand offish towards me. I asked them if I could use the bathroom but I wanted to avoid the haunted room so I went into lavaughns parents room to use their bathroom, I was comforted about being alone for a minute cuz I knew I was Rollin still and I was afraid they could tell. Linda was a I little bothered I was using their bathroom.
2015-01-23 02:40:11
i dreamed on Lovely Molly
2013-02-15 11:07:06


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