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I do not remember any start of the dream in particular. Only that I was laying across vertically on this larger than life Silver Bullet that felt like I was laying across a large ***** at the same time. I do not remember how I was dressed other than either I was in my panties or shorts and some kind of light shirt. My legs were bare as my legs caressed this long large silver bullet. My arms and my hands and my fingers were also feeling this large silver bullet. Feeling each sense of feeling in vivid detail. Sensing the sight of the luminous shine that this large silver bullet had. Feeling the coolness and smoothness yet solid hardness that seemed to stimulate me with each movement. I could even sense the fragrant coolness that accompanied the stimulation. I could move across each end of this long hard silver bullet ***** with ease and sensitivity to the utmost joy. The tip of this silver bullet was long sharp finely crafted to a fine tip that was smooth yet firmly hard feeling each movement in long long timeless strokes. Time did seem to be irrelevant. I seemed to wake up from this dream as I was actually feeling Wayne’s ***** at the same time in waking time. I woke up needless to say very erotic and very sensitive. I see no connection at this time to my waking life. I am attracted to the shiny and comfort of pleasure and freedom I felt. Moving freely and with ease. I felt attracted to the comfort level at the deep senses of everything I was feeling with such intensity. I felt emense joy, freedom. No self doubts no hinderances. Just unconditional feeling of eroticism, joy and sensitivity in everything in and around me.
2015-05-05 21:21:16
no self esteem
2013-11-11 01:42:18


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