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a meeting with one of my favourite actors, I decide to dress up as characters from his show and act like them, but then I accidently activate a nuclear bomb and we swim through the tsunami into a jungle where we start to build treehouses and swing from branches, kinda like Tarzan. Then, I'm invited to an American hotel, I meet some of my friends there, but then it's attacked by gunmen at first we run but then I decide I'm not going to waste time, I'm going to fight them so we go to find guns from a local military base. Finally, I'm moving home and I'm with these people that I've never met. I chill with them and go round to meet my other flatmate who lives in an imposing house next door to us, it's like a gothic mansion. Both houses are in a secluded area. A man comes to the door but then I hear something really strange and as I don't like haunted houses, I leave my friend there. Later on, after explaining I think it's haunted, my friend comes to our door saying that there's a recording of the owner being a murderer explaining things about trying to find a new killer, a successor, the house has weird lights and rooms are lit up in different colours from yellow to red and we can hear cackles and screams from the recording of the murderer's actions. I decide lets call the police but my phone's running out of battery and I'm worried about staying there and ringing on the house phone. Then, a guy comes along with his daughter and we deduce they are possibly the possessed spirit of the murderer and his possessed daughter, both of whom are dead. I leave the house, and two others join me as it's dark as we need to call the police and it's dark and we're afraid of the dark in horror situations. Then my dream ended.
2015-12-10 12:02:47
nuclear bomb explosion
2014-09-19 15:03:00
My dream started out with me being at a reunion. A friend of mine that wasn't from my class was there too. We are all Danish but decided to watch a show on tv in Swedish so that he could understand too, since he is Swedish, but for some reason it was Norwegian and taking place in Norway. In the tv show they were on a beach and there was a big explosion, this was a reality show so it was something that had happened a week ago in the dream and I had experienced it myself. It was a volcano erupting but it looked like a nuclear bomb explosion. When I experienced it in the dream (all of this was memory I had in the dream) it had been small waves, since I was at the beach, but I could see the explosion in the horizon. All of a sudden I am not at the reunion anymore, but I am going to Norway with a friend from my old class, Nikole. She and I are suddenly at the beach from the tv show. We are dipping our toes when suddenly I see a big explosion in the horizon again and I just know that it is the volcano eruption. It seems even bigger this time and the waves came towards us. We start trying to get up to the s***** but it is quite difficult and for a while Nikole dissappears under the water but I eventually find her up on the s*****, rather shaken. The waves are getting still and we decide to go back in. But when we are back in the water the waves gets even worse, this time we are fighting for our lives, the waves kept pushing us back and it was difficult breathing since I had my head under the most of the time, but after a lot of fighting I finally get up. I was lucky since I had gotten no water in my mouth, Nikole wasnt as lucky, but we are both alive and good. And it didn't feel like we were going to die at any point. We get home and we inform my dad of what had happened and where in Norway it was (on a site note I have a bad relationsship with my dad so I don't know why we told him). All of a sudden we are back on the beach but with my dad and some other random people this time. We are standing further up under a half roof and looking out at the ocean when suddenly we hear alarms as if there is a war. We then see a helicopter and it drops a bomb. The bomb is headed straight towards us and it lands right behind my dad. At this moment we all realise that we are going to die, and that we have no control over our own life. In a desperate attempt I jump under a bench but nothing happens, the bomb doesn't explode and we're just waiting for our death. I am pretty sure we start running at this bomb, still knowing that it could explode at any given moment... and then I wake up.
2014-01-06 06:40:41
Nuclear bomb
2013-12-31 21:51:35


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