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It's a game. There's a door that leads to dark hallways with many doors, you open a door and you're trapped, almost as if you've been swallowed whole. A man in the dream says "If only Paige knew that this would be the place that would soon capture her people", before anyone walks into the game. I'm with a group and some sacrifice themselves to try and save others, but there's no getting out. before you enter the "game" you're in what seems to be a bedroom, but towards the middle of the game you can't touch the floor or something underneath the bed would take you, or the closet would. At first I was in the game, and then I was outside with 2 other people then me and a girl came into the room through a window and flipped onto a bed. She gave up her life and stepped off the bed first to save mine. And then a lady appeared and she was like the queen, and when she was killed with a lightening bolt she send me a vision as to how to end the game. Then somehow i got across the room and reentered the game, all the people were trapped except for 2 girls, and a boy who was in the shower. Then another girl appeared and came with me through these dark hallways and then we got to the semi wooded area with a pile of logs with a chair on top, just like in the vision. The "new queen" was sitting on top and we had the destroy the pile. We started taking some logs until the chair kept sliding and then it was on a rock and then someone attacked the other girl and I went forward to knock the chair off the rock. When it was destroyed I was transported back into a long hall with a lot of doors, I had to find Paige and save her people. The lights were "turned on" but it was still dark. Then the dream ended.
2012-09-22 17:50:21


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