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I usually have vivid dreams, but I can also usually interpret them myself, as I understand that the subconcious draws symbolic meaning from things. However, this one has me stumped and I am looking for help. Let me first preface this with some important information. Most importantly, I own three pet snakes, who are friendly and lovable. This is essential to understand because these snakes hold a different meaning to me as they are my pets, so it's not an ordinary snake dream, but rather a beloved pet dream. They are all also young and healthy (so there's no danger in reality of any harm coming to them). I have had about 4 or 5 dreams in the past year in which something or someone kills them in terrible ways. Most other things about the dream vary. It's always different locations and themes, and usually a different thing trying to kill them. Also, it's my two male snakes that are usually in danger. Another thing is that I recently dated a guy for the first time in a long time, and broke it off a couple weeks later. I liked him a lot but it wasn't serious. We hadn't been boyfriend and girlfriend or anything, it was just a matter of him being younger and not wanting a serious relationship. I was the one who broke it off as I didn't feel I could stay casual or non-exclusive. Last night's dream was the most disturbing one I've had, however, and so this is what has me seeking answers. Some aspects are hazy but I remember being in a large, lavish building, lots of red (my favorite color) and lots of attractive people around my age (26). It was some sort of function. The guy I most recently dated is there, and we are just kissing and walking around and having a good time (no ***** or anything like that, just on a date, it seemed). I am suddenly somewhere else, and when I go up to find him there are attractive girls surrounding him. I try to push my way through, do things to get his attention, but nothing works and he ends up being weirded out by me and leaving with the other, more attractive girls. It gets a bit hazy here, but I am with a friend now, trying to find my way through this sort of palace. I remember going back and fourth and around in circles a lot before I find "my room" in this place. When I go in, my female snake's tank is there, open. To my horror I look down and she has been torn to pieces, her ***** tail on the ground. While I have no recollection of feeding her in the dream, I instinctively felt as though a mouse or rat (their food) has done this to her. I pick up the gross, ***** pieces of her and cry for help, but I am alone and no one comes. I start crying uncontrollably, and this is where I woke up, crying in reality. This was the worst dream I've had in a long time, and I am completely stumped as to what it means. My snakes are healthy and fine (I don't feed them live mice or rats so there's no danger of this happening in reality). In regards to the guy I was dating, I didn't believe there to be any serious feelings involved, as it was not a long-lasting or serious affair. He was the first person I had dated in a while though. Is my subconcious telling me different? I have none of these feelings while I'm awake. And what does my female snake's gruesome death have to do with anything? Somebody please help me make sense of this.
2014-12-17 11:39:51
going away from old palace
2014-07-11 11:48:30


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