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First, in my dream, I remember being at a store with my dad, step mom, and stepbrother. I bought a pack of peppermint gum (like what I usually get) and 5-piece pack of this dessert gum. The dessert gum was cheese cake flavor. When we got outta the store, we saw this white truck that is owned and has been owned for 2 years and the owner was 18, 16 when he bought the truck. We stole it and I was the one driving and I was too young to drive in my dream (and I am barely too young to drive in reality. I will be able to in months). Then after that we started talking about this single mom with one kid that hired a babysitter and never came back to the house and the babysitter ever got to go home. Then, all of a sudden, I became that babysitter. It was just her and me. She was a baby, probably about a year old, and she had blond hair and blue eyes. And I have naturally blond hair and blue eyes (both in my dream and in reality. I dye my hair black, btw) We were playing underwater. There was seaweed under the water. After we played under the water, the kid was probably about 4 or 5 years old. She wanted me to do a bunch of things that I refused to do (like hug her and things like that). I was trying to track down her mom on the internet, but I couldn't find her. When I gave up, I knew I was gonna have to be this girl's parent. So I gave her a big hug. She asked "are you ok?" I said "yes." We played around for a while and I did the things she wanted me to do. After a while, we went to a hot air balloon. She grew up so fast. She was probably about 18 by the time we got outta the balloon. When we got back, the girl's mother was their. She, me, and her kid talked. The mom was proud of her for lying to some people, telling them how good she is. It seemed like the kid was really happy to see her mom. She didn't really say how happy she was to me for being her mom, but she showed it as she grew up. Then I woke up. (and at the end of the dream, the girl was getting ready to move out and start her own life). What is my subconscious trying to tell me? This was a weird dream. And btw, I didn't eat anything before I went to bed, and I never do (except for a cup of milk, but in the 2.5 years I have been drinking it before I went to bed, it never gives me weird dreams. When I have a weird dream, there is typically a meaning behind it.
2013-06-01 08:54:20


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