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my dream is to become pilot
2015-12-12 12:50:25
He was at my house and we were sitting on the floor and he had me come over and we practiced with his hands measuring how far away items are (something to do with being a pilot and needing to know distances) so he was sitting against a wall and I sat like leaning up against him and he put his arms around me and then his hands over my hands so they were both intertwined like his over mine, if that makes sense and CK was there so we measured how far away he was walking and then he disappeared and then all of a sudden G told me he felt something instantly with me. I was like a shining light right away when he saw me for the first time ever. And I began to tell him that "I had feelings for you too" and was like well I still do and I said something to ***** him off, so he left but I got up and went over to him and was like wait!! And tried to talk to him but he left and his friend, a girl, somehow came to see me and I was chasing after her to tell her all these things I felt for him and she's like you dumbass why didn't you tell him how you felt and so I told her everything I was like I've never felt like this before! I don't know what to do with all of these emotions! I'm scared! I'm scared to tell him! But it feels like magic and I've never felt this way about anyone before! And I was like what about his relationship? I've never wanted to cross that line so I haven't said anything and she shook her head really hard and like rolled her eyes and I was like if he even ever wants to see my again should I tell him how I feel? And she shook her head really hard and rolled her eyes again and like walked away from me a little bit and I was like I guess that's a yes?!? Then she like threw her hands up in the air to say NO SHIT, I would *****ing hope so. He left because you wouldn't tell him so if he did see you again, which he probably will, then you best be tellin him! And then I asked about the relationship and she's like what relationship? There won't be one for much longer! And There probably won't be any now (because I haven't told him how I felt) so none with his gf and none with me. Basically she was *****ed at me for not telling him and was saying I was a dumbass for not having told him that night And then we ran into her like three kids at some store at night and she began talking to them
2015-06-02 08:55:08


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