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I had another really weird dream last night. I cant remember much of it though... It was proper weird... I can remember that I looked after my youngest brother and then we both fell asleep and I woke up on my own in a room I didn't know with a man sitting in front of me I'd never seen before... And he started asking me really weird questions like about my family and where they all are and when the last time was I had ***** and he made me really uncomfortable and then suddenly I remembered my youngest brother and freaked completely out and shouted at the man like where the ***** is my brother what have you done to him... And he just smirked...and then I realised that he was undoing his belt and I like proper panicked and kicked him in the ***** and ran out of the room...and I was in a massive house with loads of rooms and I always saw mothers with their sons and daughters who were abused (as in the kids) and I panicked so much because i didn't know where my youngest brother was and then I somehow found him in something like a lab... He was still asleep and didn't know what was going on so I kicked everyone there in the ***** and managed to get my brother and call the police and then I ran around to find an exit and then when I found it the police was there but the man who asked me all the questions appeared and he was like One of you two I lis allowed to leave this house without harm and go over to the police an will get back home safely... And without thinking about I said that I will stay behind so my brother can go...and then my brother was taken by a policeman and I was still in the house and then the man turns to face me and he was taking his and my clothes off
2015-06-28 03:21:23
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2014-08-08 09:35:53


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