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I was homeless sleeping downstairs like I am in real life where i sleep in a storage bin. I'm working for a bar/kitchen in what looked like Louisiana. I went to work for the first day and all went okay. Then I went home to my apartment which transformed into my girlfriend's house/where I love with her and I was spending time in the living room on the highest floor of a 20+ story building. I kept loosing track of time and then I called my girlfriend on the phone, and she didn't answer and somehow I fell asleep and woke up again but I woke up in my dream in my sleeping bag like my current living situation is since I'm homeless, but all the lights came on and then a guy who is supposed to be my boss and other employees find me and they beat me up while singing. After they beat me up, they leave me with a guy/fellow employee and he starts clawing at rubber mats and I somehow end up in a bayou outside seeing a bunch of carnivorous fish or crocodiles eating away at what looked like fish at first and then I feel it clawing away at my stomach. I wake up in my dream still in my girlfriend's house/my house again crying and I look at the clock and see my girlfriend's mom will be home soon. So I scramble to clean up the house but then I hear out of nowhere a sound almost like talking. I look around and see I'm holding my phone but my girlfriend is still on the phone listening to the whole thing happen for everything that happened for my whole dream. Then I woke up in real life finally.
2017-01-31 00:13:28
I am going on a field trip with a bunch of classmates. We get to the building (some kind of school) where we are going to apparently be partnered with young kids and do activities with them like swimming (there is a pool). I see my college professor. We are all going to listen to a concert by the younger kids, and the theater revolves. The seats are rubbery. There is a cute little girl my boyfriend and I laugh at affectionately. But abruptly the concert stops and the kids all scatter. We find out we can't mentor the kids because another group is already there mentoring them. I try to find my friends and end up in a claustrophobic place. Finally I get to a deck made of golden wood, and one of my friends' (Kelly's) friends tells me I have to go back and get something they forgot. But Kelly and the other girl will just be playing video games. She doesn't ask politely, and I try to hint at her to ask me politely but she doesn't get it. I get angry and tell her off. My professor sees. We go to a house (a beautiful house that is just a little messy) where Kelly is staying with another family, and the friend gets told off but I feel bad and apologize. We go back to the theater; this time the theater is golden wood in places. A shooter comes into the theater and everyone runs frantically; I am separated from my boyfriend and am calling out to him, panicked because I'm scared he will be killed. I end up in a golden wooden classroom with some kids and a teacher but one of the locks on the closet is broken. I run outside and see one of my friends come in with a gun, followed by the shooter. She shoots him in the head. I call out that my friend (Fleur) has saved the day and everyone cheers. Then I wake up.
2016-11-24 04:35:45
I was in a suburban neighborhood that had been abandoned. The houses looked abandoned anyway, and the yards had grown up 2-3 feet high. There were bodies everywhere, but they looked like melted tires. They were like big flat, black pieces of rubber. Maybe melted and charred? Anyway, I was walking down the street near the sidewalk, and a red headed pale girl on a bicycle rides past me like everything is normal, before turning her bike onto a sidewalk leading to a house. She sets down her bike and walks into the house. Someone has been following us though. Something inside me says to play dead, so I fall to the side, face into the sidewalk and close my eyes, something telling me not to look up, but I know the man or thing has followed the girl into the house. Suddenly, I hear snapping of a fire. I jump up, and a man with slightly gold colored skin, long dark wavy hear, horns and wings is running down the street. He looks strong and muscular, just a tunic I guess it's called around his waist. Behind him is a wall of fire as high as the sky coming towards us. Just now he sees me and looks alarmed. He yells at me asking what I am doing here. I don't belong here. He grabs my hand and we run from the fire until we pass through an extremely tall pair of gold colored doors, which he closes. We can hear the fire behind them and he sighs, hands still on the doors. He says his name is Mephistopheles and he created that world, but he had to destroy it. Then he turned and walked away and I woke up.
2014-09-23 07:04:41


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