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i was at home clothes were everywhere when i washed them i didnot put them up, i got called upon to speak at a church so i tried to get ready , so i decided to wear one of my clergy robes to speak in but i couldnt find it so i had to search through a lot of clothes so when i found it it was very wrinkle so i got an iron to iron it but somehow the church people was there and telling me to come on so they can escort me to the pull pit so i got ready then one of the ladys picked up my book and bible but it was the wrong one but then i found it so i walked into the church there were hundreds of people there i stepped up on the potium and placed my bible and notebook there,so i was wating they were having some praise service i saw my pastor there smiling and watching me through the crowd,then i went to the back of the church in a room and took my clothes off and took a hot shower when they called me to speak i was just putting back on my clothes i couldnt put on my shoes so i went without them to speak on the way to the potium a lady ask me if i had on a dress up under my clery robe i said yes but as i looked down somehow i hjad on a pink bed gown on up under the clergy robe. so i proceeded to began to speak and someone took my bible and study paper i had to speak on, so they looked for it and found it when i began talking i was telling them about my daughter who is deceasd called me on the phone to tell me to get her check for her on friday and she will pick it up , i said ok then i said my daughter doesnt know shes dead she think shes still living, but i did talk to her. then i began to preach ,i told the micah at first then isiah it was so mixed up for me,so i began to speak about God gave isaiah a message for one of Gods servant and it was to give her a 119.00 so the servant said i dont want that i want 679.00 so then i began to speak on do you feel that sometimes things just are not working for you but ask God for more instead of using what you got.
2016-04-24 04:46:17
I had so many bad dreams tonight. The first one: I took my step daughter Emily and my baby son (around 8m old and I don't have kids) to the prospect park to the ice skating rink. Emily went for Ice skating lesson and I was caring the baby. We were waiting for Mitch and far away I saw him with a woman in The forest ... I open A glass door and I went to them he hug her and kiss her like a goodbye. When I Got to them he said to me WHAT?. They looked at me and my Baby with bad eyes. Like I was the servant like garbage. She was tall hair in a puny tail, wearing jeans and a black blouse. Then one of my sister in law came to us and she said to me ... Don't worry I will fix it, and she took Mitch with her. He was like in other world. The second one I was trapped in a room with low windows and outside there was a big vulture. It was like a fabric and the culture was trying to catch and eat a little beautiful owl. The owl went outside and so many animals were trying to attack him I saw the little owl trying to fly and same his life and I was calling him to fly where I was because I feel could help him to heal and protect him. The thirds one I was in the house where I was raised and it was a woman spirit trapped in a room ( black short hair wearing a red top and jeans ) the room was my brother room ... A black witch woman did poison Mitch. I was trying to look for him and trying to take him away from her. This woman had so many kids and the room they all where living together was a mess smelly disgusting garbage place and the spirit inside sad scare of the witch woman. It was a BBQ and I was looking for Mitch and I couldn't find him. Mid while I saw my old friends from church and my Sisters. My Old friend fed me with meat. After that I told to one of my Sister about what happened to Mitch . She gave me a key to open The door of the dirty room. I went there, I opened the door and I took the spirit out... It was crazy one laughing and turning evil then crying and then sad. I heard Mitch and the woman and all the kids came Back and I returned the spirit back. I saw Mitch wearing a bandage around his head and A neck protection and more bandages he Was like zombie I followed him to a basement dark just lighting with candles and my sister was there and all my brothers (4 of them the men ones) and my sister said to me that I couldn't stay. She said they will bring him back to me. They were about to Do and exorcism ... Then I woke up. Mitch is my couple. We live together.
2014-08-24 12:37:40
this dream isreally old. the dream took place at night. it was einter time but extremly warm. I knew I was dreaming, but in my dream I was looking for my boyfriend Jason. it was so many ppl outside, I mean millions of ppl. they were having a party. they were dancing, joking, rapping and drinking. I remember over hearing agirl talking about a guy and thinking when I wake up to tell my boyfriend what she said. I was laughing but then I got worried. I had to find my boyfriend I pushed my way through these millions of ppl and I found him. I said Jason I want to go home. he said let's stay for a little while. iI heard loud noise coming f from the sky. I was scared and ask what is that noise. Jason said fireworks. I said it's winter time why are they even firing fireworks. Jason ask if we can stay again. then all of the sudden big ***** of fire fell from the skies. before I truly panic I called myself saying Tina this is only a dream wake up, wake up. I couldn't I bowed my head and said it's real this time. I look a Jason and told him, I told you God was mad at us, but you wouldn't believe me. ppl started running screaming as the fire fell from the sky. the ground cracked up you see lava and ppl fellin the cracks. I stood there saying it's too late. jason was white inmy dream don't know why but he grabbed my hand and said come on. I pushed his hands and said run where you can't run from God. he left I stood there watching everyone scream and die. I notice the place It look like it use to be full of water and I notice a bridge that looked like the Manhattan bridge. while I'm there being observant and content with the fact I'm about to die. a woman grabs my hand and I wake up.
2013-10-28 09:50:14
One day I hope women will be able to marry for love instead of alliances, political ties, or as property. I will never see that in my lifetime.” 1696-Mari gives birth to girl in september 1696 EARTHQUAKE – KRK 1696: JUDITA’s story 1696 MARCH – The Last Supper 1696 judita and the convent: 4 women and Giuliana (and female cousin b. 51) go to Zagreb 3x over two months – floor plan of convent; review layout. Cousing started plot in 95 with goal of Judita to meet with Jelena in 97. 1696 APRIL Patrizia kidnapped while 3 months pregnant—where and how 1696 february MARI MARRIES ISTVEN 1696 TRUTHS REVEALED JUDITA 1696 SEPT OCT NOV Patrizia tortured by spiders: May kidnapped (how?) While being held in Ozalj, they heard her screaming from third floor when spider in rooms. Collected spiders from various building to torture her. She sees out of window Mari and Lilli; hears familiar music that Istven played; hears in hallways; servants tell her…. Ransom exchange – how? 1696 NOV – BABY girl BORN nov 2 1697 FEB Patrizia released; baby 3 months old; ransom paid by Nada, older man (who?) Giuliana 70,000 florins/thalers? Patrizia heard and recognized the voice and music of Istvan; had seen Mari and Lili through window in upper rooms; tells of other information and of Igor. Katalin is the source of information; 1698 – 03 – Mari has other lover from Hungary who plays big role in The Hunt 1698 – Istven send a letter and drawing for instruction for a piece of jewelry to merchant house in Zagreb; recognized insignia and brotherhood on alert in person. Details…. 1697, 99, 1700 Plot to get Igor 1696-Zsusanna where? After Patrizia was kidnapped, ……met to discuss where families would go and how to communicate discreetly with one another.
2013-10-15 12:21:41


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