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2016-07-19 04:49:16
Hiding from sickness
2016-06-14 00:00:42
I need help. For the past four nights I have been dreaming about my ex. Mind you, I broke up with him and this was about a month ago. I'm not going to get into the reason why I broke up with him but I was sad of course but after three weeks I am not coming back to my normal self again. I still think about him, but not as much as I did. My dreams: I was at the mall and he was there..we just looked at each other and said nothing. Second, I was with a few new friends, he happened to be friends with them too and he was there, again we looked at each other and said nothing. Along with that dream, we were at a house (I'm assuming one of the friends, which by the way I had never seen before in real life, except one girl). He was sick (he has a sickness in real life too). The next night, this dream took place in the same house, I was looking for the girl that I said I knew in real life. (BTW I just know her..we don't hang out or anything. She's also several years younger than I). I opened the door and there was my ex and the girl doing *****ual activities. He immediately sat up looking surprised and she looked embarrassed. I looked at him and just gave a small grin, closed the door and said nothing. The fourth and the last, I was napping, and I was beginning to wake up until I had a very short dream. Which included him sending me a text message that said "Babe, I". There were more words but I couldn't make them out. It was as thought it was another language. Thoughts? Interpretations?
2015-10-11 20:44:45
dream of morning sickness
2015-09-22 12:09:19
2014-10-28 15:12:51
dreaming of morning sickness
2014-08-15 05:00:34
Morning sickness
2014-05-21 09:07:13


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