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I was Shawn Spencer from psych
2014-01-07 12:25:32
i dreamt about Octavia Spencer
2013-02-27 02:11:34
It started in the school classroom. Spencer, Kemp, Kala, Swaneet, Rebecca G, and I were there. Spencer and Kemp left. Swaneet said that Hershey chocolate was the best. Kala left without explanation. Rebecca G and I followed, Swaneet stayed behind. Once out the door we were in Walmart. I followed Kala straight back to the place where all the candy was. Rebecca followed silently behind me. Kala reached into what appeared to be an empty spot on the shelf and pulled a bag of tiger striped Hershey kisses off of the shelf and then he walked through the door to the back area. I grabbed a bag as well, they were caramel filled chocolate kisses wrapped in tiger striped wrapping. I followed Kala through the doors and appeared in a yellow room that was set up like a science experiment. Rebecca and I tried to make it work, but it wouldn’t work right, so we left through the other door (the door we came in disappeared). We were in an old Victoria style house, there was a party going on. I was wearing a white summer dress and was very cold. There was a lot of stuff happening. I don’t know where Rebecca went. I found Kala, the chocolate we both had had mysteriously disappeared. We talked for a minute and he gave me his suit jacket because I was cold. Other stuff happened. Kala went to leave, his dad was there to pick him up. He took back his jacket, gave me a hug, and before he pulled away he kissed me on the cheek. I ran back to the yellow room with the science experiment. Rebecca, and Emily G were there. Rebecca commented about how I looked flushed. I looked in the mirror and honestly I looked gorgeous, the blushing suited me. then we started doing the science experiment, and we were supposed to burn the butterflies, but I couldn’t, because of the kiss.
2011-12-13 20:15:55


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