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I dreamt that i was with this ridiculously good looking man called Dan & we couldn't stop making out! We had been out & went back to his place with a group of friends & his parents were up & talking to him. He had hired a car & driver to take us all back home which was a 3 hour drive away. We were constantly making out & then he gave me a t-shirt of his & said "here, take this just in case I don't come back with you." I took the shirt & then the driver who had turned up didnt want to wait any longer cause we all took so long to come out so she left. Then we were all inside having drinks with his parents & he was talking to someone & then i called him over & he went to come over but then his mum called him over to her so he went to her. Then every time he went to come over to me she kept calling him to her & he was looking at me & mouthing the word 'sorry'. All of a sudden everyone was gone except for me & 2 of my friends & they said we had to book flights to get home cause there was no other way! Then I was inside with him for a while longer & he said he had to go talk to his parents. He went to walk away but kept coming back & kissing me & saying he didnt want to go. He went then & suddenly I was running around a school trying to find him & also trying to get away from these animals that had got loose at the school. there were bears, snakes, monkeys, zebras, lions & sharks! there was also lots of other people trying to run from them. I ended up going back inside & found his sunnies & put them on my head. Then i still couldnt find him anywhere, called him heaps of times but nothing. When i woke up this morning i felt heartbroken like i had actually lost him for real! i have had this sad feeling all day about him.
2013-10-03 06:24:53


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