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2016-01-21 18:09:25
I remember that my consciousness was behind a flying airplane, and it was really close to the ground and I remember seeing it hit the ground and kind of bounce -- it was a rough landing. I then remember an old classmate of mine (a guy named Will -- our 3rd grade teacher made us sit together at one time because we were both stubborn bullheads that couldn't seem to get along) was asking another old classmate (named Mary that's best remembered by me as a thespian and who used to play with my hair when she sat behind me in class and would always tell me how pretty it was) about his wife in the dream, who (in the dream) was my best friend Amber (they are not even acquaintances in real life, he ended up actually marrying a girl a little younger than us named -- he was concerned that Amber didn't make it or was hurt. I told him she was fine and I was sure of this, even though I hadn't seen her. There were other old classmates of mine all around, it seemed like a reunion, even though I didn't talk to all of them. Everyone was just kind of congregating around waiting for others to show up so we could all collect ourselves and move on to an actual reunion. So... Will was concerned, Mary seemed a little distracted/forlorn and didn't really respond to him because I piped in with an answer, and there were a couple of others I remember more clearly than anyone else -- Derek and Jenna, high school sweethearts from my class that seemed very happy to be seeing everyone -- he is best remembered now as someone who ran for Mayor of our little town even though he was quite young, who is a preacher and Jenna best represents a Stepford wife to me -- someone who gives off an essence of everything being just fine and perfect... someone trying a little too hard to be a model wife and it being obvious. But she's actually very nice, despite not always putting her real self 'out there' and she seemed very happy and excited in the dream... Derek seems like such a serious person now, but I do have another memory of him from junior high -- he was my swing dance partner in music class, and I had a lot of fun dancing with him -- he really liked oldies music, so danced a naturally good jive. It was probably the most 'free' and 'open' I've ever witnessed of him...
2013-05-28 23:15:19


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