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2013-08-08 23:49:44
to dance Tango
2013-08-08 23:49:34
To dance Tango
2013-08-08 23:48:41
i dreamed on tango twelve
2013-03-15 23:37:33
so it started this girl on my floor woke me up at 3am and was like lets go running! and i was like ughh fine so we start running and she goes up this insanely steep incline and i cant get up cause theres like this force field holiding me back and shes like LETS GO! aand i was like wah i cant!! so eventually i just layed on the ground and rolled around and somehow got through the force field and then we ran into a development and she was like this way! and we got to this house and there were like 7 old ladies and they were like oh! we re so glad you made it to help us plant and i was like really you woke me up at 3am to help old women plant? Then, one old lady was like can you go to the conienvce store for us so i was like sure whatevs so im on the way and everything turns into cartoon and then I turn into this very very small cartoon man who is shaped like a pill and has huge glasses and a mustache and a very pointy nose and i own this convience store and then a vampire come in and is like i need the last ingredient to make my son! i need the coffee dirt flavored milk and i was like well we have a large assortment of flavored milk we have hot sauce scarf mango tango? and he was like no! and started getting violent but then he found the milk he needed but he kept trying to attack me so i got in this tiny blue car and drove away then, i like got to UD and i turned back into me and not cartoon and i went into tony and chances room cause everyone was in there and they were like lets play games! lets play 7 minutes in heaven! and i got to pick first so i was like sarah and austin (both girls) and then they came back and were like very funny we played cards and then they were like lets get grilled cheese! and i was like i wanna come! and they were like no REVENGE it our turn to pick and we pick you and tony and i turned to austin adn was like oh my god i need a shot first and she was like sorry we re all out so we went into this room and we were both just like uegsdjkbvlesh and i started rambling and i wasl ike im sorry this is so awkward i jsut cant talk to you sober cause youre so cute and i embarrass myself and he wasl ike you think im cute? and i was like no i said i cant talk to you cause you wear boots...and he was like i dont own any boots haha and then we talked about music and it was magical and then i turned into a bear
2012-11-17 09:57:26


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