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i had a dream i was ridding a bicycle going to a friend's house. the bicycle was red and the wheel seemed to be just a stick vertically an i was trying to get balance, so i got to my friend's house very well, found people there eating a white fish(the fish looked white like a fillet, without skin) and i had a piece of the fish, then someone grabbed the entire fish with the white color but it was an entire fish and showed it to me, i didn't touch the fish but i found it funny. than i went to look for my friend and a cousin of mine(i dont see her for a long time) appeared to me and started leading me the way to my friend's bedroom, the house was so big and full of rooms and bright colors, and she led me to a room where was a place full of beautiful fruits(all kinds) and i thought they were artificial just for decoration but they were real and some of them were with half skin only but the view was very beautiful, than she gave me an orange that i ate and after that i suddenly appeared in front of the same house and my boyfriend were by my side and we both were wearing bright white clothing and we were talking to an old couple and they were wearing black but they seem very happy together and very good souls as well because i felt very comfortable talking to them. it seemed that they were telling us how they got married but for a moment it seemed that that old people were me and my boyfriend both aged telling to us now young how we did got married but i don't remember the words they use,they seemed to be telling us a story or something.
2013-03-16 21:39:55


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