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I dreamt that I was lifeguarding a beach. And snoop dog came so everyone was standing in line trying to get an auto graph. I looked down at the beach area and I saw sharks in the water. The water was crystal clear @ it looked cool so I informed adults but told them it was cool just to go see. As I was watching the water I also saw huge stingrays and they were just swimming around the bridge that went around the middle of the beach. I started to walk father down into the sand but I didn’t get to close because the water kept coming up and going down quickly. I walked to the under part of the bridge and it kinda of turned into a cave a little and I could see only mist between the poles of the bridge and in it I could se the silhouettes of the stingrays and of men running around playing. Then I saw hippos! I was yelling at everyone to look but then something crashed into the bridge and crushed it in the middle o the water. Everyone began to run back to the top before it came down where we were at. I got stuck crawling between two poles for a couples of minutes until I finally pushed my way out. The next dream I am with my boyfriend and we are on a bridge that sticks out straight. I told him I didn’t want to be on it because of a dream I had had. So we’re standing on it and he decides to smoke but this guys who didn’t have stuff to smoke out of cans to us and asked me to tie a bag around his arms so he could have someone shoot drugs into his arm. I told him I wasn’t going to do it & also that won’t work. So my boyfriend turns into just some guy & this guy is a triplet. These brothers are at the edge of the water where there are a lot of rocks and the ocean is just about waist deep. I’m still scared of the water but I decide to bend down for a rock and someone pushes me in. I turn around and it’s a little boy. I crawl out and I ask this boy why he did that and as I look closely I realize that the devil has possessed his body. The devil tries to tell me that God will lose & so I told him that’s what he thinks but God has actually won. Then I began to recite John 3:16 and he covers his ears so I just began to scream scripture at him him and he continues yelling then I woke up.
2018-08-08 09:06:05
I have decided to ask this question while the dream is still vivid in my mind, i went to sleep at like 6 AM this morning and woke up at 10 AM. Than drifted in and out of sleep. I had a bad dream where there was this Mesquito/wasp that kept flying around, what i think was my right hand and it kept stinging my right hand and flying around it, I ran so that the bug couldn't keep stinging me,but no matter how much i tried to run it kept flying around my hand stinging me,the stinging got so bad that i tried to go to the police,a police motorcycle drove down the street and I waved at him to stop but he didn't he kept on going,i ran down to the end of my street to try to get to a police station for them to stop the stinging,i saw one of my aunt's and one of my uncle's at the end of the street corner, there was a tall field of grass at the end of it, my uncle wanted to lay down in it. I talked to him while he was trying to lay down in it and he said "now you know how i feel" or something i don't remember the full conversation,and than a angel appeared and said "get over it" i think,and he made the bug disappear,but just before it disappeared i could see myself laying down on a table naked, than it injected me with something,and then my eyes turned black(i don't think this happened at the time in the dream that I'm talking about,but i do remember this happening) than it stopped stinging me and i woke up. what did this dream mean? please note that, I don't dream, i just go to sleep,than it turns black for 2 seconds than i wake up and it's morning,could it be a Mesquito stung me while i was asleep? or something else i woke up at 12:16 PM afternoon and didn't go back to sleep. It is now 12:42 PM
2013-06-15 18:31:41


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