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i running in a green grass filed and there was this huge tall tree with big thick branches and lots of green leaves i was standing underneath it and i looked up to see the tree branches reach up to the sky and you can barley see the night sky i was thinking wow how beatyiful this tree is it must been around for a long time welll i was running from somthing that made me feel like i had to be careful so i saw my step dad who has passed away watering the grass and he was talking to me about something and i was helping him pick up the yard and i saw a baby tree laying on the floor with it roots out the ground and my dad said put it in the ground and it will grow up like the big tree over ther so i planted the baby tree and then some flaying bugs that were killer bees cross over with termites that when they stunk you . you died swarming around us and my dad was wetinging them and i ran to the big tree and grab a water hose and started spraying them in a circler motion apove my head and then i ran to my dad and he was still watering the grass and said the water kills them and i saw my baby tree that i plated little biger tilted out the grtound and my dad said it a goner and stop watering it and i yalled out and ran toward the baby tree and said no it still can be saved and i picked it up and the roots were alll stringand shreed it and i look up and saw a whole millions of bees/termites coming out the trunk of the tree and i started wetting the trunk and the leaves and they wer flying all around me and i wouldnt runaway i didnt care if i got stung and died i tryed my best to not get stunk and save the baby tree but i had to run to the big tree before they got to that one and killed the last one because if it dead that ment the tree was are onlything that was keeping our world alive becasue the everything around us was distroyed so i hurry up and grab the water hose turn the water high and started soaking the tunk of the tree and branches and flying over me were bees termites and i was spraying waterhose as much as i can and then i started climing the branches trying to reach as far to the top of the old tree to save as much as i can
2017-03-01 03:01:54
I met a boy I have not seen in a long time. We got into a fight. My hair was long and black and straight and he pulled it. He had emo hair, dyed black. All he was wearing was black, skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and converse. My clothes were the same items but had different decorations. Late we were in a car. He said something insulting and I pushed him out the window. I felt really guilty. Later on we were lying on his bedroom floor and having a deep conversation. He had seen the recent cuts that I had done on my wrists. He did because my gel bands moved too far out of place. I ended up snuggling my face into his chest. I guess we both fell asleep, because of a panicked scream from hus mother. I was not supposed to be seeing him. My parents thought he was a drug addict but he was not. Because they confronted his parents about it they got into a fight. That is why i was not supposed to see him. I was scared and he was defending me. He did used to do drugs, but he had told me that night he had gotten over his addiction for me. In the end I ended up crying into Cameron's chest. While I did he was glaring over my shoulder angrily at his mother. His mom was angry at us. But more at him than me. The next night we snuck out and ran away. After a while our deppresion got to us. When that happened we returned to the forest next to our homes and we tied the rooe to the same large tree branch. We hanged together with a final kiss. When we dropped to snap our necks, our hands were holding. Our heads were hanging down and leaned towards each other. In the rich dark brown soil in front of ys we had written our suicide note. In the end it said 'Sorry mom and dad. But you could not accept our love. It just brought us more pain. It got to be too much. We still live you all. Do not cry for us, now we will be happy. We will be together forever, having escaped from the pains of life through death.'
2015-01-16 13:02:11
tree branches turn into snakes
2014-07-25 05:40:35


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