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It started out in a castle .. this castle of course looked very old on the out side and just as new on the inside. the dream picked up when I was coming out. I stepped into the entrance room; and rectangular room with a banister just about the center of the room so that someone on the second floor could walk the full lengeth of the room. I began to rise into the air. and when I reached the banister wings erupted from my back and I began to fly around the room. I flew out of the door that was already open. I landed on the steps of the school and looked into the sky were I saw hundreds of thousands of angles circling. it looked like a hurican of angles. I then looked to one of the second story windows of the school.. where I saw about 5 angles gathered at one of the windows. I flew over to them to see what they were doing. and I saw the angle in front who was having a telepathic conversation with a girl in the class room. he gestured with one finger for her to come out side and she got up and left the class room.. the teach kept teaching the students kept learning.. no one noticed her leave. I then wanted to see how high and fast I could fly so I began to fly I found myself in the universe.. and I was over the earth.. I said "this is got to be a dream.. but I like where its going, so Ill follow it! I flew back to the school.. where there were two men.. who had no wings.. a voice came from beyond the dream and said. " one this day thogh many were called not all remembered how to fly I told them I would teach them both.. and grabbed them both in each arm. and began to try and fly.. but I couldnt. all the while there were shadows trying to get me.. but I could jump over them.. I told the two men the best way I could explain in words.. how to fly and they went.. I dont know if they ever learned angels
2013-10-14 18:41:39


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